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I'm finally back on the forum after more than a month away. I've just spent four glorious weeks in Queensland Australia, and I must admit that I missed the lively discussions here.

The reason for my trip to Australia... It was my honeymoon. Yes, married again.

And just for all the guys here.... What is the definition of a Bachelor....

Its a guy who doesn't ,make the same mistake once.

-- Malcolm Taylor (taylorm@es.co.nz), August 22, 2000


Malcolm, congrats! What was the coolest tourist sight that you saw?

-- (kb8um8@yahoo.com), August 22, 2000.

Welcome back Malcolm. Congratulation and best wishes!

"What is the definition of a Bachelor.... Its a guy who doesn't ,make the same mistake once."

I guess it's fitting that you posted the same thread twice ;-)

-- Old Time Forum Regular (freespeech@yahoo.com), August 22, 2000.

"Its a guy who doesn't ,make the same mistake once."

Use of punctuation very reminiscent of Al-d.

-- (married@haaa.sucker), August 22, 2000.

congratulations= Malcolm. And welcome back! It,s good to see you again.

p.s; ghost perhaps we;re all al-d.

heehee =)

-- cin (cin@=o).cin), August 22, 2000.

Congrats Malcolm. If it doesn't work at first, try and try again. Well, up to ten times anyhow.

-- Lars (lars@indy.net), August 22, 2000.

>> It was my honeymoon. Yes, married again. <<

As Dr. Samuel Johnson said, a second marriage is "the triumph of hope over experience." Then again, they say practise makes perfect.

Anyway, congratulations to you both. May you fit one another like water and sunlight.

-- Brian McLaughlin (brianm@ims.com), August 22, 2000.

Hey Malcolm, WELCOME BACK.......

But Remember, the 3rd time is.....the charm.....


-- consumer (shh@aol.com), August 22, 2000.

OTFR: Oh Dear, I don't know how that thread appeared twice, it certainly wasn't intentional.

kb8um8: The coolest tourist sight would have to be the beach at Noosa. We married on a viewing platform overlooking the beach right on sunset, and all the while there were surfers riding the waves directly alongside, and bathers still enjoying the last daylight on the beach itself. Koalas were feeding in the trees above, and the birdsong was just the perfect finishing touch.

To everyone else, many thanks for the welcome back.

-- Malcolm Taylor (taylorm@es.co.nz), August 24, 2000.

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