Looking for good ACL or SAL photo in Inverness, FL

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I am looking for a good historical photograph showing SAL, ACL, or SCL rail operations in Inverness, FL, for publication in a book. The "ideal" shot would show a passenger train, such as the Southland, at the depot, but I'll take whatever I can get. (All of Inverness' lines have been abandoned.) Anybody have anything?

J. Schwieterman DePaul University jschwiet@aol.com

-- Joe Schwieterman (jschwiet@aol.com), August 21, 2000


Joe, you will find a picture of the Inverness ACL station and yard at the following Web Site: HTTP://FPC.DOS.STATE.FL.US/ 1.Click on "Search the Photographic Collection". 2.Enter the key word "Inverness" in the search box (full text search) and click "Search". See photo number 21.

-- Carey Stevens (cstevens@webzone.net), August 23, 2000.

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