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Dear Flashpix Folks,

I am working in a digital lab in WA.I have some knowledge of the flashpix format. I have followed it for several years . Is there a piece of software, that will convert large amounts of tif files to Flashpix file format.

We have archives that are filling up our server fast. I would like to put a piece in place that would compress a whole bunch of files at a time. In a batch mode. This would free up a lot of our space.But still keep these files in top shape, until we delete them on by dates.

I have used a program called Thumbs Plus for someo of these batching type things. But that program does not support flashpix in it's batch conversion. Thanks

Daryl Edwards

-- Daryl Edwards (, August 21, 2000


There is a product called: PhotoELF, which can Batch convert just about any format to a compressed JPG format. The compression versus quality factor is also selectable. You could batch convert a thousand images at once if you wish.

Trial-Download, $19.95 to purchase.

Good Luck, Rick

-- Rick Kuntz (, July 03, 2001.

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