what are your favorite online stores ?

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Namaste ( I bow to the divine in you )

Many visitors to carnatic.com ask me this question...

You can help me improve the the list at http://carnatic.editthispage.com/shopping with your personal experiences with online buying

All comments regarding buying personally at brick-and-mortar stores are also welcome...

Please add store link / name - what you bought and why you would recommend this store...

Peace, Kishore.

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (kishore@carnatic.com), August 21, 2000


http://www.khazana.com has a large collection - I have not bought anything

http://www.fabmart.com has been advertised extensively as the no. 1 online store in India (I have seen plenty of ads myself during my recent visit to India) - I ordered a hindi movie cassette for delivery in Chennai and it arrived in 3 days - I recommend it... I will check about their overseas delivery (if there is any) and update this q&a

Peace, Kishore.

-- Kishore Balakrishnan (kishore@carnatic.com), August 21, 2000.

I have placed two orders through khazana.com. The selection is outstanding and I am pleased with their service.

-- Julie Maitra (juliem@hinduweb.org), October 23, 2000.

www.Khazana.com is a good site. you can also try www.handm.com

-- vinay chandrasekhar (vinay1276@hotmail.com), November 22, 2000.

Dear Editor Our company is interested in swapping reciprocal links or alternatively can we be listed in your directory of sites. We come up 5th for keywords such as "online shopping" on Alta Vista. We operate in a safe and secure environment and do not exchange links with sites that are not adult friendly (eg racist, pornographic). Kind regards and looking forward to doing business with you. http://www.spartium.com

-- Simon Burrows (enquiries@spartium.com), August 08, 2001.

I have bought from namaste.com induslive.com saregama.com indiaplaza.com But the best selections seems to be khazana.com though pricy compared to others

-- Srinivasan (su72582@aol.com), January 23, 2002.

I've had a suprisingly satisfying shopping experience that I would like to share. I bought a gift for my niece at and was given a choice of a free full-sized gift. The gift came in handy when I was short on cash for a gift for a co-worker. Needless to say, the co-worker also went online and received a free gift also. Please try this site, you won't regret it.

-- jan D. (
kylynn@myself.com), November 25, 2002.

that web site is very much. so i seen this web sites

-- suneet kumar (snsayadav@yahoo.co.in), December 01, 2003.

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