harvesting potatoes

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My potato plants have died back early due to pests. Should I dig up the taters now, or wait until after a frost? I'm afraid they'll start sending up new sprouts if I don't get to them soon.

-- glynnis in KY (gabbycab@msn.com), August 21, 2000


I'd dig them now. Some of mine died off last year and then sprouted right away. Just my opinion!


-- Misha (MishaaE@aol.com), August 21, 2000.

I have done it both ways and they were fine either way but I left them in the ground just for the convenience of not being ready to put them in storage yet. I think it would matter if you had a wet fall because you would possibly run the risk of them rotting in the ground but if you don't have a lot of rainfall I don't think it would really matter. Ours didn't.

-- Colleen (pyramidgreatdanes@erols.com), August 21, 2000.

Dig them! GL!

-- Brad (Homefixer@SacoRiver.net), August 21, 2000.

Thanks, guess I'll dig them first thing tomorrow.

-- glynnis in KY (gabbycab@msn.com), August 22, 2000.

This is a bit afield...my potatoes are starting to die back, but I am not sure if this is a. natural b.due to the deer someone locked in the fence for the weekend c.mouse-eaten effect. I have, however, noticed that one of my potato plants has set seed in a very cute little green cherry-tomato looking fruit. I'd like to let at least that plant mature a while and try and save the seed for planting experiment (do the Luther Burbank thing). Does anyone have experience with this?

-- Julie Froelich (firefly1@nnex.net), August 25, 2000.

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