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Just hoping someone could clear up some confusion on my part in the creation of VCD's. I am trying to burn mpg's on to a cd-r in the vcd format but am not sure of how to properly configure Easy Cd3.5c to do this. I know the mpg must be compliant first but then what??

-- Josh Marrazzo (, August 21, 2000


As long as your MPG file is VCD compliant, you should be fine. The only other thing you might need to configure is in the Video CD Properties, which is lacted on the top "Video CD" menu button. Just select "Properties". Good Luck

-- Jay (, August 21, 2000.

Assuming that you are using EZCD Creator 3.5 Deluxe version, you can use the built-in VIDEO CD CREATOR module.

Follow the wizard and you can insert your mpeg file, provided it is encoded as VCD2.0 compliant.

If your mpeg file isn't suitable for VCD, the wizard will inform you with an error message.

Cheers, NT

-- NT (, August 22, 2000.

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