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Welcome to Catholicism Uncensored!

This board was started in response to the "Catholics" board, which disallows free discussion about Catholicism. Although the moderator states it welcomes debate about the teachings of Catholicism, it has in fact stamped out essays that take a stance which differs from that of the "moderator," who has never introduced himself/herself. It calls any essay or ideas that differ from the traditional conservative concept of Roman Catholicism "Catholic bashing."

This board takes a different road, a free, democratic, open road. This board is open to all peopple who want to discuss Roman Catholicism -- Catholics, skeptics, true believers, lapsed Catholics, new Catholics, recovering Catholics, etc.

I also particularly welcome -- and very much encourage -- discussion about Catholicism from Protestants, Jews, Muslims, Hindis, and all other religious or spiritual affiliations.

The idea of this forum is to make it as inclusive and open as possible. Unlike some "moderated" boards, which are really "censored" boards, we do not want to keep blinders on. We want to look at all sides of Roman Catholicism, the dark as well as the bright sides.

If you post something to the "Catholics" board that is deleted, feel free to post it here, and let us know that has been banned. We will make every effort to publish here what is banned there.

Again, welcome to the CATHOLICISM UNCENSORED, a board devoted to free expression. Please join in and make your views known.

-- Frederick Sharpe (fredericksharpe@excite.com), August 21, 2000


Mr. Sharpe sir:

My hat is off to you. To expose, and to question, is only human in nature. Tell me, where, sir, do you go from here?

I truely believe there are alot of folks who are disillusioned by their so called denominations.

Good luck on your new board.

-- Honesty is the best policy (Rightonthe@money.4real), August 21, 2000.

Oh yeah, I should arrive first, to make a fool of myself. A once Hardliner Baptist (can't dance or have any fun), I have to ask, why DO YOU parade THOSE IDOLS? What is all that cup drinking and ceremony, kneeling pomp stuff? Why must your leaders wear garments of Gold, with Crowns on their heads? Why do you pray to Mary instead of going directly to Jesus? Please don't mind me, I once asked the same hearty questions of whomever faith it is to store a years worth of food, yet their strict disipline is to "rotate the food, for shelf life". I asked, "If you believe, why do you rotate food?". Seems simple enough to me, if one has a true faith, the faith does not end on an expiration date, stamped by the Food Industry. Work still in progress here. I am a long way, from perfection.

-- Appointed Gate Keeper (tired@iwannagohome.com), August 21, 2000.

Thanks for your responses. Where we go from here is up to who contributes. In general, I want this to be a board where people who have left the Catholic church can feel safe posting. And also a place where people who have left other "hard line" denominations, such as Baptism, can come.

I don't know why they Catholic Church has so much pomp. The Vatican has thousands of rooms and stores of wonderful rich art treasures. The Pope dresses in the finest garb -- all of it has always made me wonder, is this what Jesus preached? Is all this pomp and wealth in keeping with the tradition of Jesus's apostles?

-- Frederck (fred*sharpe@excite.com), August 22, 2000.

Can I remind everyone here of the excellent newsgroup, alt.recovery.catholicism; "A group for people who have left the Roman Catholic system, to discuss matters relating to their reasons and experiences involved in doing so."


Pete C

-- Pete Cassidy (pcassidy@ildana.com), August 24, 2000.

Grace and peace. My name is Beth and I was raised Catholic. Got involved in several different fundamental groups as a young adult...but quite honestly, with so many diverse groups all claiming to be fundamentally correct....this can only breed confusion! I visited with the local Catholic church for about 6 months; but the vast majority of folks here are generational Catholics; they go to mass every week, go to Eucharist; but fail to live changed lives. Sounds judgemental; I know; but the fruit of the Spirit is love...joy...peace...see Gal.5. As one not "allowed" in the RCC to take Eucharist I wondered greatly how, if their faith teaches them tyhat the Eucharist IS the literal presence of Christ; how can they NOT approach Him with fear...trembleing...joy...love...gratitude? Hmmm. Well; the main reason why I will not jump into RCC is that I do not believe the Pope to be the head of the true church. I do not recognize his authority of that beyond being perhaps a stateman, politician, or diplomat. Two things. When Jesus said to Peter, "Thou art Peter...upon this rock" He was not referring tp Peter being the Rock that the Church was built upon; He was referring to Peter's confession to Jesus Christ being the Christ; Son of the Living God. Hey---back then to confess Christ as Lord was not this shallow, cerebral, creedal thing that it is today. To confess Jesus as Christ and Lord meant your LIFE and quite often your death! So....I believe the true catholic ("universal") Church to be those who, with all their hearty, soul,strength and might, confess Jesus Christ as Lord. Not perfect human beings; but those who from a pure heart sincerely love Him, seek Him, and embrace His will for them in their life. My second point...The papacy seems to be intent upon bringing god's Kingdom to earth; but Jesus made mnore that abundantly clear that His Kingdom was not that of the strong arm of the State; but a spiritual, invisible (if you will, ) Kingdom made up of those who have His law written upon their HEARTS.

-- Beth Weber (talmidim88@hotmail.com), August 27, 2000.


Thanks for your contribution. I think your story resonates with a lot of people who grew up in a Catholic environment but left as an adult.

I admire your passion about what it means to be a Christian. Most people have lost that "life and death" feeling about it, or the sense of awe and mystery. I mean real awe and mystery, not as concepts but as actual feelings. Most religious feeling these days seems to border on cheap sentimentalism.

Good luck to you.

-- Frederick (frederick@sharpe.co), August 28, 2000.

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