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Hey, Capn - sorry, but I gave you the wrong link at Bok's yesterday.

Here's the right site:

Very good deals, though these packages are only for two days. Check each hotel though, some (like Harrah's) are also selling extra days room rates too.

-- Deb M. (, August 20, 2000


Thanks Deb,

Will investigate,I appreciate ya.

To all,

I am trying to find a consensus as to where most are staying,if not exactly,then maybe the end of the strip that is preferential to most.As of right now(before perusing Deb's link) I found round trip airfare and three nights stay at Western Ho for $340.00,through Southwest Air.

-- capnfun (, August 20, 2000.

I found this link. It's an interactive map of the Strip that shows hotel locations. You can click on the hotel name to get information on it. But the best part is that you can see where the hotels are located in proximity to each other.

It seems to show that the Strip runs North-South, and Westward Ho (link) would be towards the North end (the Stratosphere is the newest place in that section).

That section of the Strip has a lot of "history"; e.g., The Stardust, The Riviera, Circus Circus. It's like "old Vegas". I love it.

This web site -- Access Las Vegas -- has a good deal of local information as well, and you can get to the each of the hotels' web sites from their search function.

Let me know if you need any more info and I'll try to find it.

-- Patricia (, August 21, 2000.


That is an excellent site and the map is very handy,it helps alot getting a bearing on how Vegas is laid out.Have been checking out the motels tonight and it's looking like I'll probably be staying somewhere in the "old" Vegas end of the strip,but still investigating heavily.

Now,on to more Vegas sites.Thanks again yaw'll.

-- capnfun (, August 21, 2000.

I have been communicating with someone who may be willing to help us all set up our reservations at discount prices. I told him we don't need a meeting hall, maybe just an area-such as a main room in a suite of rooms to meet.

I am waiting for more info from him.


Dear Travelers, Thanks for your inquiry. Yola's Travel is a agency, with 24 years of experience in vacation planning. Before I can make a bid for your group, I will need more information.

1. Everyone will be arriving in Las Vegas on their own? Do you want transfers from the airport / hotel / airport. Each person can arrange their own return time to the airport, do not have to travel as a group, or are you interested in car rentals?

2. You are asking for rooms of double, triple, quad occupancy?

3. All adults, no children?

4. Must the hotel have a casino? There are some that do not, would you be interested?

5. Dates are Oct 12 (Thurs) to Oct 17 (Tues), 2000, 5 nights.

6. Will everyone be staying the 5 nights?

7. How large a meeting room will you require, water set-ups, viewing screen, electric cables, projector, chairs & tables, or just chairs set up as for a lecture?

Hotels do charge for this.

Although I am located in California, with email we are just a click away. You can email me directly at with any questions.

Hoping to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Yola Gerst, Yola's Travel

-- Cherri (, August 21, 2000.

I'm in SoCal and will probably drive over Sat and head home on Sun...Since I always lose in Vegas I'll be sleeping in my car...

-- Uncle Bob (, August 21, 2000.

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