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How did you meet your significant other? Where do you find dates?

Through school, work, bar, through friends? Gave in to a stalker?

Lessee... for me...

Nick, Someone who's name I'll remember later and can't believe I've forgotten because he was the first person I had sex with, Chris, Branden, Dimitri, Doug.

Scott, George, hacker dude who got busted by the FBI then offered an amazingly lucrative position w/a big company doing system security, ohhh stock broker guy, freaky pushy guy, ohhh and the almost date rape guy.

Through friends
Richard, some guy who's name I can't remember but dated through the Long Beach Gang, some crabby depressed guy who's name I can't remember... was it John?, Mike.

Mitch, Christian.

James, Mike.

There were many others... but those are the ones that I remember right off the top of my head. So how do you meet people?

-- Amanda (, August 19, 2000


All of my sig-O's were women I knew for a while, either through friends or activities that we were both involved in (or both). Granted, I'm a 27-year-old serial long-term monogomist, but even with my limited number of ex's, I really feel the need to know someone before I jump into something heavier. Guess I'll be single for a while longer, while I start to meet new groups of people.


-- Raphael (, August 23, 2000.

My only (as of yet) significant other I met as couselors at a summer camp for "gifted" youngsters. In reality they were were brats.

Meaning either the kids or the S.O., depending on my mood.

-- Chris Vannoy (, August 25, 2000.

Well, lessee.... three through the dorm, two through classes, two online, two through friend of a friend, and one was the daughter of a co-worker (that one was rather messy). Most are friends before they become SOs, though when it ends, more often than not we are less than friends. Bummer, but that's life, eh?

-- Jeff Mendoza (, August 31, 2000.

Believe it or not, I met my wife through a dating service called "Compatible Introductions!"

We were...and 2 kids and 18 years later we are still telling the story. I have always thought we could make money doing an endorsment for them, but they have never agreed .. (Yes, the service o=is still around, too)

-- Doug bowen (, September 06, 2000.

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