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To relate this to film in some way.. what's your favorite movie about religion, and why?

-- wendy (, August 18, 2000


My favorite movie about religion is the Holy Jedi Trilogy. Ok, so it's a fake religion, but it still counts. I mean, look at the Jahovah's witnesses. They have a fake religion, but they still have churches! Come to think of it, the Witnesses might be a little more popular if they started saying " May The Force be with you." instead of " You're going to Hell for celebrating birthdays, Christmas, 4th of July, Easter, Halloween, Etc...". Then again, maybe not. I swear, trying to comprehend the Witnesses is harder than taking flash photography of the Amish.

-- Brian (, August 22, 2000.

Yup. They frown on that. I still have a mark where that butter churn hit me.

Favorite movie about religion would have to be The Prophecy, Prince of Darkness, or The Rapture. I just love apocalyptic fare.

Something about the brave individual giving oblivion the finger.

-- Michael Fitts (, August 23, 2000.

Last Temptation of Christ. If for no other reason that it's the film that probably dealt most honestly with the core concept of the Christian mythos: that Jesus was god and man in one. And of course, the self-proclaimed followers of that same Jesus rejected the film. The irony in that is enough to make it my favorite, although I just think it rocks. Keitel and Dafoe are gods, and the Peter Gabriel soundtrack is the nectar of the cosmos.


-- Widgett (, September 14, 2000.

Well im only 16 so Dont mind my spelling nor Vocab, But my point of veiw is that im a Jahovah Witness My self.. So I see that you think we have a fake religon ( tell Me one thing Where dose it say where going to heaven ) It dosent !! Tell Me Why Did you guys take GOD From Jew Because they thought it was a sin TO say Gods Real Name "JahovaH" Witch i dont think that Movies madder When It come to Real Religon . JahovaH witness are nothing But Christians That Abide by the bible With over religons Change what it says and reprint it out for others to be misled. Most of you probably became ministers for write off on your taxes

But dont Tell Lies about Religons Without Atleast finding out the Facts No disrespect comming from my corner JUSt Some Couris THoughts For you to think about

-- Kevin Reeves (, March 24, 2001.

Plus i would Like to ADD Jeasus Was not a god and man in one this aint a trilogy Jeasus was JahovaHs son his king over the earth

-- Kevin Reeves (, March 24, 2001.

Recently, I read a screenplay for a short film, 3-4 minutes, which is Jesus the Son Arguing with and criticizing God the Father. To answer Wendy, - Not my favorite reading about God.

My favorite film about religion, and this is going to sound odd to some, is Mean Streets. It's not exactly about religion, but the opening monologue has the Harvey Keitel character talking about doing penance to God, and how he is going to do it, and in its own way, it really is a film about religion.

-- Frank Merritt (, August 10, 2001.

Dear Faux, Jahovahs witnesses never teach about hell fire or going to heaven. Hell is a comon grave for all mankind.The bible speaks about jesus going to hell.It can't be that he went to hell fordoing bad!Infact it meanse that he was dead and in the grave for three days.The other thing is that of celebrating so called holydays and birthdays.There has been no specific detail about jesus celebrating his birthday in the bible.Nor did about his followers celebrating it.The only comandment Jesusgave to his deciples is to celebrate the last supper. That is why witnesses only celebrate the last supper as the holyday. If there is any other explanation required please let me know.

Thank you,

-- Michael W. Kebede (, February 13, 2002.

hmmmm...i cant think of what the movie is called....The End of Days?? yea, i think thats it. anyway, my best friend is a jahovah witness...and its really annoying listening to her talk about their religion...i know i shouldnt feel that way, but i do and i found this website, and this dude wrote like 4 seperate articles about jahovahs witnesses. most of the stuff he said is stuff ive heard from my friend and then some...minus the negative stuff. anyways, he seems to have a good idea of what hes talking about, being a former jahovah's

-- Rebecca (, March 03, 2002.

Left Behind is a symbolic film simply because who knows what will really happen in the end, but it really makes you think, who will survive? I think the world has turned away from God to satisfy ones own selfishness. For wordly pleasures. People will do anything for the ole mighty dollar. Lets face it we have to survive but at what expence? Our family our children? Whats more important material belongings or the people we love? I mean which would you choose 1,000,000 or saving the life of some one you dont even know? Do you have to think about it? What does that tell you? Do you even know your neighbors names? Are we willing to give up some of the green to save our planet from the endless devistation we cause? What about our pollution of the oceans and deforestation? How do you think it will end? Will God forgive us? I really Hope so for your sake and mine. And by the way I studied with Jehovah Wittnesses and their way of teaaching makes more since to me than some one jumping up and down and screaming hell fire and brimstone. They teach brotherhood and tell others about Jesus. How could that be fake? People hate to see them comming and slam the door in their face. Because they dont have time or dont want to hear it. The bible teaches us to have respect to all religions. And for those calling it a fake religion do you belong to any particular religion or is that just your opinion. Have you never heard judge not unless you be judged? Think about it.. Just another sinner with alot of hope.......

-- connie crews (, April 19, 2002.

I liked Omega Code 2. It puts the fear of God in you but why really fear God. Fear his wrath of what he can do to those who reject him and his only begotten son Jesus Christ. If religion teaches that Jesus died for our sins so that we are promised the gift of eternal life, and all we must do is believe and confess our sins to him and take up his cross, follow his ways, then what is wrong with that religion. God will sort out out all religion in heaven anyway. The Bible can be confusing and seen in many different ways. Satan likes to confuse people and he is cunning. That is ONE reason God sent his son here to die for our sins. It simplifies all the complexities into one answer. Believe and turn to Jesus....PERIOD

-- Gary Smith (, August 12, 2002.

o wow.....u guys think ur religion is like christianity or IS the bible it talks about Jesus being the "risen savior" he never died he rose again on the third day!" i know how foolish the message of the cross must sounds to those on the path to destruction but we who are being saved reconize this message as the very power of God" without the cross christianity is nothing .....and about celebrating christmasi can see why...when Jesus was born people came from all over to see this miracle and they brought gifts of gold,frankincense and myrrh , people were filled with joy and excitment sounds like a celebration to me!!...and gods only name is is "I am the one who always is" or "I am" when moses was skeptical about what he was to say to the people of israel and asked god what he was to say when they asked his gods name he was to say "i am" he was also to say THE LORD-the god of ur fathers-teh god of abraham, the god of isaac- and the god of jacob (EXODUS3:12-15)...if u guys are really sure about ur faith go to a christian church ...and be open to it..and i bet u will feel a whole new difforent kinda love that is so emeasurable and unexplanable!

-- childinchrist (, August 17, 2002.

My favourite movie about religion is "Stigmata" and I strongly suggest you to watch it!!!It's a fantastic movie and will change your way of thinking about religions!!!

-- Despina Liakou (, September 10, 2002.

I forgive you. -Jahovah Witness-

-- Nathanael Aaron Ducharme (, October 13, 2002.

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