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why do we post here?

Perhapes because we "know" these people? How did you find them? Why are you(we)hiding?

Kind of chicken to hide.

Rude of "them" not to invite.

Why post under an anon?

I'll go first. I'm scared to post because there is so much anger. I don't want to let it touch me. But there are so many wonderful souls here I just keep comming back.

Good links too!!!!

-- aname (doesitmatter?, August 18, 2000


yea! I know, I know, this sends to the top....

maybe I have a little bit of ego. Ha!

-- aname (doesitmatter?, August 18, 2000.


-- ant spitter (goober@on.face), August 18, 2000.

hi hattie!

-- (, August 18, 2000.

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