What's up with AE's comments regarding former ER costars

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OK - how many times did I have to hear Anthony Edwards say he only wants people on ER who want to be there? On ET tonight he says he doesn't want GE or JM back on ER. So what? *They* obviously they chose to leave under their own accord. Its really starting to become clear to me that he has issues with them and their decision to leave. He earlier even told George to his face not to come back to the show because they wanted to move on. Gee bitter much? Get over it Tony!! OK rant over

-- Kathy (kaf@gis.net), August 17, 2000


I saw a preview of it for tonight and I wanted to yell at him. I'm now starting to really wonder if those rumors about him not liking GC are now true or not. What a back stabbing stuck-up snob! He was on "Donnie and Marie" a few months ago and he said he'd miss them. Now he doesn't?

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), August 17, 2000.

I meant to say "how many times *do* I have hear Anthony Edwards say he only wants people on ER who want to be there" - It said this almost verabtim on Rosie O'Donnell show last year regarding Julianna and her decision to leave. Anyway he may act like he is joking but I really think deep down he resents them leaving. I really do. Don't know why he doesn't say anything about Sherry Stringfield's abrupt exit from the show a few years ago and she even went on record in TV guide last year to publicly trash the show and the TPTB.

-- Kathy (kaf@gis.net), August 17, 2000.

I didn't take it as him being stuck-up at all. He differs from GC and JM because he chooses to stick with the show, they do not. Who really knows besides the three of them what issues are involved with their departures? It could just be that Anthony is tired of the media focusing news on two of the stars who left instead of focusing on the thirteen (give or take) that are still on the show. "If you wanna leave, then stay away!" That didn't sound exactly bitter, more like make up your mind. If you want to come back for shows, you never should have left in the first place. But who really knows for sure?

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), August 17, 2000.

I guess but all he had to do was say "no comment". I mean I read in another thread recently that KM was on the "Martin Short Show" back in December I think and Martin asked her about JM turning the money down and leaving and she said that she really couldn't comment on it. Now why didn't he just say something like that instead. Sorry for being a little upset. I got a little mad when I read this thread.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), August 17, 2000.

Joanne - You may have a point - who knows what really goes on behind the scenes except the cast and crew. But even besides this particular instance with him I still don't like him. He just bugs me. With each interview he gives he manages to tick me off for one reason or another. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. This is just mine of course.

-- Kathy (kaf@gis.net), August 17, 2000.

I totally agree with Joanne. AE is just saying "the past is past, lets move forward here and quit talking about what is behind us". I can see how he would be frustrated for CG and JM getting all this attention when they are not even part of the show anymore. Lets not read anything more into his comments. Just because he said that does not mean they aren't friendly and that he doesn't miss them. We don' t know...maybe they were so ready to leave that they were depressing on the set and no fun to be around. Who knows? But I know AE must be so sick of hearing "What about GC and JM leaving?" everytime a reporters mike is stuck in his face!

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), August 17, 2000.

I was *so* bummed when there were NO Carter clips! Ugh...what kind of story is that?! And I've never thought much of AE...he sounds like an egomaniac. I thought he was so close with George and Julianna...he obviously didn't put much thought into what he was saying.

Oh, and also-Michael Michele has such a personality, why can't she put it into CLEO?!

-- Emily (fallenlilac22@cs.com), August 17, 2000.

Now that I think about it, I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions and called AE what I did. I still think he should have just said "no comment". I apologize for what I said and if I offended any AE fans.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), August 17, 2000.

I really don't know what to think of this. What exactly did he say? Joanne, did he actually say "if you wanna leave, then stay away!" or was that your own comment? That seems a bit harsh...I understand him being upset about the press focusing too much on past characters, but I also think that there is nothing wrong with them coming back for special events (i.e. giving Carol and Doug a happy ending). TV shows do this all the time...series finales have old characters come back, etc. GC is very popular so it is harder on the press here, but it's really not their fault. I understand that there must be a sense of commeradery on the set, and when major friends leave (SS, GC, JM) there is some sort of resentment, but it is a life decision for them, and if it's time for them to move on, there's no reason for someone to stay put just because others need them to. Both JM and GC have seemingly been very gracious towards ER and shouldn't be shunned from returning, as long as TPTB allow it. I like AE and I hope this is all good-natured...in the past GC and AE were known to be very good friends, he thanked him when he got his Golden Globe award. Though we do hear more about GC and NW keeping in touch. GC seems to be very laid back and takes everything in stride, so I don't think he'd take AE's comments personally. I think that JM is the same way...and remember, a few years after S. Stringfield left, AE directed a TV movie starring SS, so I don't think that there are too many hard feelings there. Sorry for rambling!

-- Elaine (mrsclooney78@hotmail.com), August 17, 2000.

Im still pretty peeved they didn't show Noah except for that one second with him and George in blue scrubs. Boy, was that a disappointment. As I said before, it's just bizarre Cleo is so...dull, yet Michael Michele seems to have a nice personality. Can't Cleo?

-- Emily (fallenlilac22@cs.com), August 17, 2000.

If MM seems to have such a personality off set, and seems dull onset, maybe Michael Michelle isn't as bad an actress as previously thought.

-- S. Trelles (trelles@ix.netcom.com), August 18, 2000.

For everyone who did not see ET I just want to say that AE did make those comments with a smile on his face and a LAUGH at the end. It wasn't said in a mean and nasty way. I don't think it has anything personally to do with CG and JM. He also made a comment that "when old people leave and new people come on its exciting to get into the new energy that is created". When the press and everyone else keeps bringing up the past it is hard for those remaining to move on.

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), August 18, 2000.

If you think Michael Michelle is a good actress you obviously have never seen her on Homicide she was just as wooden and boring and bland as she is on ER. She is on the show to give Peter an african american girlfriend and I think that it is very sad that she continues on when they had an extremely talented actress already Gloria Ruben or one of any other countless talented black actresses.

-- Barbara Parker (riverrd@totalnetnh.net), August 18, 2000.

I can't remember the date but I just remembered that when he was on Rosie she asked him about Gloria leaving and he said he would miss her and he hopes she's happy but then when she asked him about Julianna he asid the same thing he did on "ET" last night. It's almost as if he's mad at Julianna for leaving and doesn't want anything more to do with her. I was just over at the WB Boards where this is a topic there and someone said that KM is more mature than AE because when she was asked about it she said basically no comment and yet AE says something like this. He could have just said something like "I miss them but it's time to move on." That wpuld have been better. Sorry I keep posting. I just remebered him being on "The Rosie O'Donnell Show" and making those comments.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), August 18, 2000.

I'm not trying to start a rumor but I wonder if Anthony is jealous of them. I mean they're more popular than they are. Cammie's comment about him saying nice things about Gloria and not about George and Julianna made me think he may be jealous of them. I too saw that show. I mean Gloria wasn't as popular as AE and GC ans JM are more popular than him. It'll be very interesting to see what happens at the Emmys next month. Will Anthony be nice to JM if she wins or will he ignore her or what?

-- Andie (new@hi.com), August 18, 2000.

Good question Andie. You made a good point there about AE saying nice things about GR but not so nice things about GC and JM. I think that GC and JM were both more popular than him and yet GR wasn't as popular as AE. I don't remember there being a big deal when GR decided to leave. It does sound to me that he may be a little jealous of them since they were more popular and now he wants to be the popular one. It will be interesting to see what happens at the Emmys. Especially since JM was nominated and he wasn't. I hope he doesn't act like that when she's there and if she wins. Just a quick comment, I rewatched what he said and he did laugh but still I don't think you should say something like that to a former co-worker who's supposed to be a friend of yours even if you are joking.

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), August 18, 2000.

Anthony did not exactly say "If you want to leave, then stay away!" It was very similar to that however. As someone else said, though, he said it with a smile on face.

-- Joanne (bucklind@hotmail.com), August 18, 2000.

One thing I wanted to ad...when Gloria Reuben left ER I doubt that was the first question out of people's mouths when they saw AE. However, he has been living with questions about GC and JM for a long time now. When GR (and Sherry Stringfield )left the media barely mentioned it. But with the other two they can't quit talking about it!

-- amanda (amanda.rehm@home.com), August 18, 2000.

I think that the point AE was trying to make was that the ones that are still on the show are working hard to keep it a good show and many times all the press focuses around the publicity of the ones that chose not to be on the show any more. It would be tough to put in a hard day and then give all the press to the ones that said, "I'm done with the ER show!" They have a new life while the ER cast is still plugging away trying to make the show that we all love to watch.

-- joan (joanofarc24@hotmail.com), August 18, 2000.

I don't know what I think about AE comments. However, I do think that he must get tired of reporters always asking about JM and GC, but that doesn't necessarily mean that I agree with his comments. I think that actors often forget that it is the viewers which make a show popular. I think that TPTB would have made many viewers upset if GC had not come back so I disagree with his comments in some ways. I do have to ask what was up with MM saying that Cleo made Peter more lovable.....if Peter is meant to be more lovable then I want the old Peter back!

-- Emma (webbef@hotmail.com), August 18, 2000.

I promise that this will be my last post on this thread. Here a few things he could say to the reporters next time they ask because you know he'll be asked at the Emmys about it. He can say "I really don't want to comment on that anymore". Or "I miss them but it's time to move on so let's move on." Or he can say "No comment." Does anyone agree with that?

-- Cammie (rmaelhorn@home.com), August 18, 2000.

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