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Hello I am a mother of two girls, 2, and 6. My question is, I have been wanting to get a theme in a photography of my girls in black and white, and can't get any ideas. I live in Houston, and was wondering if you knew any photographers who spealize in taking pictures at children.

Thank you, Melissa Herrera

-- Melissa Herrera (, August 17, 2000


I do, but all the photographers I know are in Madison, Wisconsin.

Barbara Sakrison does excellent monochrome of children (particularly little girls and their mothers). She typically works on location. What I see is often little girls sitting on checkered picnic blankets, climbing trees, etc, where the textures really show up on the film. Her work is typically printed "sepia tone" - not a true sepia tone print, but a brown approximation on color negative paper.

Peter Taylor of Quicksilver Picture Company does very nice studio work - typically portfolios for models, senior portraits, etc. He does travel and do location work. He's pricey and worth it.

However, both of these photographers are based in Madison, Wisconsin; day rates are going to be ridiculously high and possibly more than you'd like to spend.

-- William (, August 18, 2000.

One further thought: most photographers who do "senior portraits" (that is, picutres of high school seniors to hand out to their friends) can do the type of thing you want. I know in this town, most of them work on location, and work to get the picture style that the customer has in mind, not just sit people down in the same chair and pick out a boring background and (wow!) 3 different props.

Be sure to ask if they do black and white. It takes a different eye to to Black and White well than to do color.

-- William (, August 23, 2000.

Furthermore, Barbara Sakrison is the nicest person you'd ever want to meet.

-- Paul (, August 28, 2002.

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