If you could do just ONE impossible thing...what would it be?

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If you could do just ONE impossible thing...what would it be?--Al

-- Al Schroeder (al.schroeder@nashville.com), August 16, 2000


I'd like to enter and become a part of a fictional universe, like be a Federation tactical officer aboard Voyager or the U.S.S. Enterprise. *grin*

-- Elan Kesilman (elan@elanworks.com), August 16, 2000.

I would cure my grandma of her emphazema.

-- AJ (joijoijoi@hotmail.com), August 16, 2000.

I would like to know all the answers to all the questions of the Universe, to become all-knowing, all-wise. But I would also like to stabilize the environment of a single planet in our solar system, in order to sustain life. And then I would drop the "seed of life" into it's vast, blue ocean, and watch the miracles begin.

-- Planet Earth (imagine@industrial-ideas.com), August 17, 2000.

Cure your snoring. ha ha ha

-- Barb (youknow@youknowwhere.com), August 17, 2000.

Cure AIDS.

-- Bev Sykes (basykes@dcn.davis.ca.us), August 17, 2000.

Cure my SNORING? Boy, you really go for the impossible, don't you, sexy?---Al

-- Al Schroeder (alschroeder@yahoo.com), August 17, 2000.

I want to see dead people. Raising the dead is a scary proposition, but being able really talk to them, and have them talk back, that's for me. It would give me some peace of mind I seriously lack.

-- Laura (windmills@diaryland.com), August 17, 2000.

Wow, after reading other peoples wishes for world peace and curing AIDs and such, the thought that came to me seems a little trivial. But here it is. It would be neat to teleport myself anywhere at any time, just to visit foreign places and see exotic lands. (Oh yeah, armed with lots of fully charged batteries, disks and my camera, of course, too.) And then 'click my heels three times and head for home'. That would be cool. It wouldn't benefit anyone else but me, but it would be cool.

-- Joan Lansberry (joanlansberry@hotmail.com), August 17, 2000.

Live in a country where the government doesn't scare me!

-- Teena Brown (teenabrown@scinternet.net), August 17, 2000.

Spend one hour without pain, fatigue, nausea, or any other symptoms of these seven diseases I have. Just one hour that I could remember for the rest of my (hopefully long) life. Just one hour. I don't remember being well. I hope if I had an hour of it, this time, I'd appreciate it properly.

-- Bek Oberin (gossamer@tertius.net.au), August 18, 2000.

Oh, to find a way to coax people to drop their ego trips and truly listen and pay attention to each other. To define exactly what they are talking about and define the words as they use them. That could maybe prevent some of this double speak . . . . . . . .

-- Denver doug (ionoi@webtv.net), August 18, 2000.

You just don't want to hear. It involves flexibility....

-- Dave Van (davevan01@hotmail.com), August 18, 2000.

I'd like to fly, the way I do in my favorite dreams. I once flew right into orbit and looked back down at the earth and it was the most amazing feeling! I was exhilarated for days afterwards.

-- Kim (k_nelles@hotmail.com), August 25, 2000.

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