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I'm looking for an efficient open water boat able to accomodate two adults, stable enough to fish from, and able to handle the chop and wakes on Narragansett Bay (RI). I'm currently looking at the Adirondack Guideboat and the Middle Path Boats "Skua." Does anyone have comments on these or know of any other similar designs I should look at? Also if you have comments on fixed vs sliding seat for a boat of this type I'd love to hear them!

-- Matt Boliver (, August 16, 2000


You might want to look at the Alden double pod, especially if you want two people to be able to row. The Guideboat and the Skua are both singles and can carry passengers. If it is seriouly gnarly out only the really good sliding seat rowers go out as it takes serious skill to get the oars out of the water. Fixed oars are a bit more versatile.

-- Ben Fuller (, August 20, 2000.

The sliding-seat Appledore Pod (at 16' or the rare and roomy 19') with a rudder is worth looking at. I have found that my fairly recent addition of a simple -- shallow-depth -- rudder gives the passenger something useful to do and ought to be a nice fishing adjunct. It's pretty stable, but you ain't going to be a-standin' and a-castin' with abandon. For fixed seat I'd say the guideboat and Skua are great if you are prudent about the amount of chop you set out in/head home from.

-- John Stratton (, August 22, 2000.

If you can find the book Long Strokes there is good information about setting up an Appledore for serious long distance work.


-- Ben Fuller (, August 22, 2000.

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