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This software will allow me to pick a random poster to win a prize.

Since Friday is payday, I'll be giving away a CD or gift certificate. Basically, anything I can purchase on-line... for $20 or less.

Apparently, all you have to do is post.

Take care, -A

p.s. It's not all unselfish. I donated to Jerry's Kids this morning too. You see, I bought a lottery ticket because it's up to $85 million and I'm trying to increase my good karma.

It probably doesn't work that way though, huh?

-- Amanda (amanda@nonsequitur.net), August 16, 2000


I would love something for free. I would probably get a CD from half.com or something =). Its too hard for me to chose my fav cancelled TV show. I would have to say Sisters I guess.


-- Karen Kennelly (Karenk0610@yahoo.com), August 17, 2000.

I will run the little random chooser thing tomorrow night when I get home from the Jay Buchannan show at the Gypsy Lounge. So I'll announce the winner on Saturday sometime.


-- Amanda (nonny@nonsequitur.net), August 17, 2000.

Who in their right mind would turn down something for free? :) Of course I want something for free. I that the little things you receive from people that you never would have bought for yourself are always the most fun! You wouldn't buy them for yourself because they are embarrassing (pornos, glittery nail polish that only britney spears would wear, cheese-in-a-can), too expensive, or something you just would have never thought of... So, can I win even if this is my first time on your site? Until now, I had been unaware of "a is for amanda", but I now vow to be a dutiful follower. I hope everything is okay for you -- your entry from yesterday concerned me, even though I don't know who it was for, or why you wrote it. It was however, a very well-crafted way to hook me into becoming a long-term reader!

-- lesley molecke (webchica@hotmail.com), August 18, 2000.

Woo hoo! I can definitely support the distribution of porn! And glittery nail polish too!

Yep... you can win just by posting once... the forum program will randomly pick a name of someone who's posted.

If the winner wants something embarassing, yes... I'll go buy it for them and send it, or they can just have the $20.

-- Amanda (nonny@nonsequitur.net), August 18, 2000.

Congrats to Jeff Mendoza who won the "contest"...

I will try to think of other things to give away. (I can't really afford $80/month in bribes to get people to post.)

If you have any suggestions though, let me know...

Thanks, -A

-- Amanda (nonny@nonsequitur.net), August 19, 2000.

Like no thank you, I really don't have the space in my cramped condo. I do need a bigger condo, though and that would be a nice freebee.

-- Shira (eviljewess@yahooo.com), August 20, 2000.

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