Jake, Beau, ben, and dave ROCK!!!

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I just wanted to point out that my favorite players on the frezz are Jake Atkin, Beau Brown, Ben Huber, and Dave Huber. Jake Helped out at my school, and came to some of my practices, and he is WAY nice, Beau brown is a great player on the Freezz, and so are dave and ben.

-- Jacquie (soccer4mac@aol.com), August 16, 2000


Hey Jacquie it's jake .I want to thank you for being such a good fan. Did you enjoy the game on Friday? I get a little more playing time this year than last . Please mail me back with your soccer games. Bye now...............Jake

-- jake atkin (atkin14@uswest.net), September 10, 2000.

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