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Hi guys I will be getting my new MV F4S this week, from reading your messages, I have learned that I need to change the Factory brake fluids, and I am planning to get THE AIR BOOST TUBE THUMB RECESS KIT from Phil Read MV Agusta Performance Centre in the UK to fix the complete steering lock Thump problem. Now is there is any Tip or things I need to do or avoid? Any Break'in tips or what ever, please inform me. Thanks

-- Khalid (, August 16, 2000


0-600 mi - up to 6000rpm...vary the revs, e.g. dont stay at 5000rpm

601-1000 mi - up to 8000rpm...vary the revs

1001 and up - up to you some wait til 1500 to go all out

enjoy the bike.

-- mod (, August 17, 2000.

Do you know whats the normal or the range of the engine Temp for the MV?

-- Khalid (, August 18, 2000.

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