Longest Tangent in the U.S.

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Does anyone have a copy of the Trains Magazine from June 1980? I am looking for the article titled "Around the Curve and Down the Longest Tangent in the U.S.," pages 22-27. It is about the CSX's 79-mile ex-Seaboard line from near Laurinburg to Wilmington, NC, the longest section of straight track in the country. I would appreciate a copy or a scanned copy. Thanks. Justin Dzan; Louisville, KY

-- Justin Dzan (jbdzan@aol.com), August 15, 2000


Your local library can get a copy of the article you need via inter- library loan. That is how I received mine. It is a great service and cost nothing.

-- Mike Mulligan (TrainFam4@cs.com), August 15, 2000.

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