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Hey everyone, i'm having a little final problem with the script, i tought that it was a refresh or a cookie problem, but i enabled cookies and i'm still having the same problem. If you add some items but don't process the final order, and log out, the items you chossed remain in there for the next customer, i made a test, and added some items then asked a frien by icq to review the cart in his computer and pum! he has 20 items added by me there... Can this be fixed or it's just the way it works...

Thanks for this great Script.. Please answer me... Juan Carlos Silva

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-- Juan Carlos Silva (, August 13, 2000


Try our newest version of Smart-Store 3.1 build 2.04. Among alot of other things it uses a cookie to set an inital session id then submitts the session id to SSL functions. This solve the AOL problem. The cookie is not written to the users hadrdrive so when they close their browser, the cookie is gone. When they visit the store again a new session id is made for them even if they use a static IP address. This cart deletes old cart files every 100 times the store is accessed. There is also a feature in the admin file manager to delete dead carts.

download the new version at:

-- Chuck Gorrecht (, September 03, 2000.

I'm not sure the Chuck's answer addresses your problem. His script erases a problem with S-Mart: when you select stuff and then end the session without buying it, those same items will continue to appear in your "review" screen. This happens whether you're using cookies or not but it is resolved with Chuck's implementation.

But YOUR problem is that those items are there no matter who is going into the store. In other words, if you have selected products and then leave without buying them and I'm the next person to log into your store, I'll have YOUR items in MY shopping cart.

I've never seen this problem before with this script and it's not supposed to work like that at all.

Have you hacked the script at all? If so, where?

It would appear that the "buy" sections of the script are reading the last entry in the temp file automatically but I don't know what may be causing this. With a bit more info, I may be able to help.

-- Alfredo Lopez (, September 04, 2000.

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