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Could anyone please tell me what the unit numbers and colour of the SD45's were? I'm a custom painter from Canada and have a Overland Model to paint for a customer and I don't have any idea if they were green or black!!! Help!!! Thanks Dan Darenll

-- Dan Darenll (, August 12, 2000


The Southern SD45s were delivered in the black scheme with the imitation aluminum (off-white) lower stripe with bronze gold 2" striping along the top of the imitation aluminum and bronze gold letters and numbers. Southern rostered 70 of these units numbered 3100 to 3169. They were all built with the typical SR high short hood and had the long hood designated as the "front" end, although they typically ran both ways. None were ever painted green. In the later years (1979-1980), Southern replaced the bronze gold lettering and striping with a scotch day-glow dulux gold on all new diesels. It is possible that a number of SD45s received this new gold treatment when shopped for repainting.

-- Tom Alderman (, August 13, 2000.

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