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'Clueless' Picked Up at Sea... Again

LONDON (Reuters) - An amateur sailor, described as ''clueless'' by his rescuers, was picked up at sea by British coastguards for an 11th time just two days after being rescued as he navigated with a road map.

Eric Abbott, 56, ran aground in his homemade boat off the north coast of Wales Thursday as he tried to sail across the Irish Sea from Anglesey, British newspapers said.

It was the same area where the unemployed painter, from Northwich in western England, had been picked up 48 hours earlier. He has now agreed to take navigation lessons after the bailouts that have cost more than $82,520.

Coastguard officials were stunned that anyone could be dumb enough to waste over twice as much money as the moron from Florida who spent $35,000 on dried food.

-- (wanted to prove @ the "flat-earth" doomers were. wrong), August 12, 2000


Abbott may be a "Creeper" but photos showed a nice twin keel design that if indeed is "homemade" by an unemployed painter says a fair amount.

-- Carlos (, August 12, 2000.

everyones=entitled to there claim-to-fame! a hee a hee hee oh man- lol so hard til can spell-right!!!

-- al-d. (, August 12, 2000.

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