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Here is a fairly comprehensive list of smaller political parties in the United States.

Conservative Side of the Coin The American Party

American Heritage Party

American Independent PartyAt one time a National Party, now more of a regional party support the Constitution Party on the National Level.

America's PartyOn July 4th, Joe Ellis the AP presidental candidate pulled out of the Presidental Race and now endorses Pat Buchanan of the (one of the) Reform parties and perhaps will also endorse Bob Samp and John Shelton as well.

The Constitution Party

The Prohibition Party

The Southern Party

This one is more aimed at the Southern region of the U.S. (obviously)

Tune in next time when we will look at the parties leaning to a more liberal direction. And then in our third and last installment we will look at nuts, kooks, and sane people who can't quite be classified.

-- Butt Nugget (, August 12, 2000


Most of those are hardly "conservative". They are Fringers.

-- Genghis Khan (, August 12, 2000.

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