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Rumor has it, this forum is going down. It is said that this is due to a lack of traffic . . . I hate when that happens.

I, personally, say keep it alive. Its too early to squelch this shrimp, it is still kicking. Albeit, weakly, but still kicking nonetheless.

I have not posted in about two months. I have an excuse, though. I was out of the country, on the literal side of the world. In a few weeks, I'll be gone again for a few months . . . and then come back- hopefully to a still living breathing forum...?

Of course, I imagine, the threats to nix the forum were in search of such a response, no?


-- jarday (, August 12, 2000


Of course I want a response! The lack thereof to my last two "questions" was why I wanted to kill it in the first place. Here I am, watching my webserver bite the dust, struggling to upgrade the software to keep this thing alive, and no-one is responding.


Seriously though, I'm way too tied up in server crap to worry about killing the forum, let alone write anything of substance. I just spent three hours in a bar talking to a trucker who decided to tell me the meaning of life, and the sick thing is, it was kinda making sense, and I thought it would make a great journal entry, but I haven't the time of energy to do it justice right now. So I'll make notes, and hopefully the next time I write it will warrant at least a paragraph.

Why do I do this? Now _there_ is a good topic for discussion.

-- amaebi (, August 14, 2000.

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