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Motor Field voltage remains at full ACC/DEC value only when running down. Can anyone suggest method for troubleshooting this problem?

-- Bob Bull (, August 11, 2000


Field weakening is based on armature voltage and the value in parameter address 079 (CROSS). "CROSS" is the crossover point when field weakening begins, as the armature voltage increases above this point the field current will weaken to the value set in address 077 (FLDMN). On this job the armature voltage may not exceed the value of CROSS at empty car down, you may also find the elevator does not weaken with full load up. Test point VFB must be 4.00 VDC at rated armature voltage. A value of 1638 in address 079 will begin field weakening at 100% of rated armature voltage. To begin field weakening at 80% of armature voltage set address 079 to 1310. You will need a GE programing tool to view or make any changes. To make a change in EEPROM jumper JP13 (EE Enable) must be on position 2-3 and parameter address 003 (DGNJP) must contain an odd value, even numbers inhibit programing any other address.

-- Mike (, August 11, 2000.

what exactly is it doing.. overspeeding slowing down ..not leveling correctly?

i had one recently would slow down in the down direction after a while of running the come back up to speed.. bad scr in the drive

i wouldnt make no changes in the drive if its been running ok and now this problem came up .. i wouldnt make no changes in the drive adj. seems you have a component problem the scrs mightr be breaking dowm but it all depends on what drive you got or do you have a genny.but how does it run ..

-- JAG (, September 14, 2000.

DC 300

If you do not have full will not cross over... Check speed referance for down...

-- Joe M.. (, October 15, 2000.

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