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I have a programmable logic control(PLC) based hydraulic passenger elevator control system, Model MH1. Maida Technologies sold this to Canton Elevator who sold it to us in 1992. We turned the elevator off for two weeks then turned it back on now the program seems to be corrupt. I have the wiring diagrams. The PLC gets the right inputs but does not turn on the right outputs.

I cannot get a hold of Maida Technologies, I believe they are out of business. Does anyone have any suggestions? I am in trouble, there is a number of handicap people in this building that need to use the elevator. They cannot wait six weeks to purchase and install a new controller. If anyone knows how to get a hold of John Maida or has information on re-programming this software, please contact Donald Pfuntner of Downey-Goodlein Elevator Corp. immediately at 716)429-6676.

-- Don Pfuntner (, August 11, 2000


Last thing I heard was John was back at Virginia Controls. You might want to try and contact him there.

-- (DoverDut, August 25, 2000.

Hello Don: I was the founder of Maida Technologies, Inc. (MTI) back in 1989. I originally started with Virginia Controls, Inc. (VCI) (a family owned business) back in the early 70s. Sometime after the company was sold, I started MTI. In 2000, sometime after Virginia Controls was sold again, I returned to VCI. Virginia Controls is fully equipped to handle inquiries concerning MTI systems. Feel free to call us at (804)225-5530 or (804)225-0116 FAX.

-- Chris Maida (, March 05, 2003.

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