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Ah yes, "its the software" and the "full moon coming up".


-- cpr (, August 11, 2000


The Sequel:

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-- cpr (, August 11, 2000.

The answer comes to us today from........."Dr. Science":

Dear Doctor Science,

They say that on the Internet, no one can tell if you're a dog. How many household pets really log on in a given day?

-- Mark Gorenberg from Emeryville, CA

It depends on the cycle of the moon. Come a full moon, many pets grab the nearest mouse and start clicking. I've heard it said that most of the creatures logged on in chat rooms after 10 p.m. are animals, usually domestic pets with an axe to grind. Cats usually use foul language and are the source of much of the call for net regulation. Dogs tend to be much more moderate, loyal, and dull. By the way, the symbol for e mail slobber is ampersand asterisk.

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-- cpr (, August 11, 2000.

More obvious is the effect on obsessive compulsives . Tell me about Y2K again, will ya?

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), August 11, 2000.


Less than 15 minutes and "kofe" pounces on the nearest mouse just as Dr. Science discusses.

-- cpr (, August 11, 2000.

Talk about pouncing. You're posting this shit at 6am cst. LOL

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), August 11, 2000.

What a stupid question to ask on this forum.

-- richard (, August 11, 2000.


-- al-d. (, August 11, 2000.

Yes, it changes me from a creepy moron into a raging psycho.

-- cpr (, August 11, 2000.

.....Can't say, but it might "affect" them...

-- Patrick (, August 11, 2000.


ROTFLMBO.....Al, that is one of the funniest things you've ever "said"!

-- Patricia (, August 11, 2000.

LOL Patrick, when I saw the title, I wondered who would win the Misses Grammer award. You Da Man. Incorrect usage and typos seem to "effect" the appearances of the correctionists....

-- FactFinder (, August 11, 2000.

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