LORDY: first we have algore "praying" on the phone with his Senator. NOW THIS:

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".........his soul is at rest"???????????

WHOOPDIE FREAKING DO. He probably confesses to Brer Swaggert, Tilton and Jim Bakker.

-- cpr (buytexas@swbell.net), August 10, 2000


WHOOPDIE FREAKING DO. They have the same attitude to ASSHOLES LIKE YOU that 99.9999% of the worlds population have. NOT TO WORRY. Still leaves you with a few 100 thousand ASSHOLES to play with. Where where you when everything was down last week? Oil freaks make me laugh. They remind me of the Silly 70s. DO YOU KNOW WHERE YOUR $30 /BBL OIL IS? MY TURN TO LOLOLOLOL.......SHIT HEADS. It is a physical impossibility for someone in Olson's postion to look "down" at ANYONE. (Except maybe you.) NO CENSORSHIP. THIS IS THE INTERNET NOT YOUR CHURCH SOCIAL. In the meantime, his "opinion" about ANYTHING, has a value of less than zero as far as I and many others are concerned. I didn't tape it COLLINS, the PRESS AND TV REPORTERS DID. And DENNIS LAPPED IT ALL UP. When it showed up on DALLAS TV I put it on VCR. THAT was about Jan. 4-10. ITS NOW AUG. 6th. TIME TO SHIT OR GET OF HIS EXTRA WIDE POT. GIVE IT UP. Most of you are TOXIC WASTE who belong in the Toxic Waste Dump known as STENCH BOMB II. Next thing you know you'll be saying Y2K IS OVER! STUPID DOOMER In case you missed this Wash. Post story about 2 well-known diehard doomers What a bunch of FREAKING MORONS

blah, blah, blah, blah, blah......

-- The Creep (mentally.unglued@coming.apart.at.the.seams), August 10, 2000.

A focus group took some polls and told ol' Bill that Monica crocodile tears would gain X number of votes for the Dems. Same old shit, same old Bill. The guy would piss in the Pope's ear if it was politically advantageous.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), August 10, 2000.

LOLOL! I think I figured out what the Creep's problem is... he looks very constipated!

Unk, it must be nice being so perfect that you never had to be forgiven.

-- (cpr@needs.ex-lax), August 11, 2000.

Why thank-you Ex-lax, it is quite nice! Compared to Bill I'm a saint.

You see, I do not now, nor have I EVER, cheated on my wife. I have NEVER put myself in a position where I could even be ACCUSED of rape. I do NOT re-invent my moral compass depending upon which way the wind is blowing. I do NOT have any question about what the meaning of "is" is. I would NOT, were I in the position to do so, EVER sell my beloved if somewhat flawed country to the RED CHINESE FOR MONEY!! I do NOT sacrifice my FRIENDS for the sake of political expediency, and I sure as HELL DO NOT play the "Public confessional, all is forgiven, 60% stayed with me, so I really ain't all that bad" game.

I do have one fault though, it's my proclivity to ask you to BITE ME!

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), August 11, 2000.

Wheeeew! One thing is sure, Clinton is a hell of a lot nicer person than you!

I thought the subject of the article was the Lewinsky affair, not every single lie that the Republicans could manufacture!

"You see, I do not now, nor have I EVER, cheated on my wife."

Or at least no one found out about it, because you didn't have every right-wing sicko in the country watching your every move! LOL!!

-- (easy.for.a.nobody@to.go.unnoticed), August 11, 2000.

Wheeeew! One thing is sure, Clinton is a hell of a lot nicer person than you!

Yep, that is what seems to matter to people like you, he is NICE. Nice, a nice guy. To hell with all of that other shit, he is NICE. "But he circumvented election laws and took money from a communist country!" Yeah, but he was NICE when he did it. "But he lied under oath!" Yeah, but he lied under oath in a NICE way. "But he fucked around on his wife!" Yeah, but look at that twinckle in his eye, he's a NICE guy."

Bite me dipshit, ooops, there goes my 'bad' side again. Please forgive me.

And I don't care how many right, or left wing, sickos watch my every move. I, unlike people of your ilk, do the right thing in private, when nobody is watching.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), August 11, 2000.

PS, Have a NICE day!

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), August 11, 2000.

Sic 'em Unc.

Clinton could have been born a eunuch but he'd always have been the arrogant selfserving prick he will be tomorrow.

-- Carlos (riffraff@cybertime.net), August 11, 2000.

I commend you for NEVER (lol) cheating on your wife Unk. But you shouldn't get in such a pissy bitchy mood just because she cheated on you. Be like Hillary, take it like a man. ;-)

-- (bug.up@your.butt?), August 11, 2000.

I commend you for NEVER (lol) cheating on your wife Unk.

I see the LOL. It seems that morally bankrupt people have a hard time believing that there are still some of us old dinosaurs around, the ones who keep their vows, and their word.

Have a NICE, but shallow and empty, life.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), August 11, 2000.

The Creep (mentally.unglued@coming.apart.at.the.seams---LOL! LOL! ROFLMAO!

-- (Yeee@Haaaw.zoom), August 11, 2000.

The Creep -- Your paradies always reduce me to convulsions of laughter. Please don't stop!

-- A fan (parady@rocks.com), August 11, 2000.


-- al-d. (dogs@zianet.com), August 11, 2000.

"I do have one fault though, it's my proclivity to ask you to BITE ME! "

My absolute favorite saying!!! Go get 'em Unk... You The Man!

Mar ;-)

-- Tossing a beer to our fav Unk.... (AgentSmith0110@aol.com), August 11, 2000.

Don't let the hypocritcal Unk get to ya, he can't help it he was brainwashed by Rush Limbaugh. Remember, this is the same redneck that accused Al Gore of being a racist a few days ago, then suddenly changed his mind after he chose Leiberman for V.P.

-- (right-wing@lying.bastard), August 11, 2000.

I didn't accuse Al Gore of being a racist you fucking MORON, learn to read.

-- Uncle Deedah (unkeed@yahoo.com), August 11, 2000.


Roflmao at ALL the responses....But DONT stop now unc., tell um how you REALLY feel.....

Unc for Pres....and unc. BTW, I totally believe there are dinosaurs around, I married one and have been one also:-0

Mrs Unc is a very lucky woman 4-real.

xoxo, sumer

-- consumer (shh@aol.com), August 11, 2000.

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