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The Cascadians, Ashton and Leska just posted a thread that seems to threaten a Sleazy Board member who complained about thread deletion with getting shoved into a wood chipper. I wouldn't have brought it up, except that those two always seemed so ethereal, like they wouldn't hurt a fly, and it struck me as odd that their tone got so vicious so quick.

You can find the threatening post here: Has the movie Fargo taken a life?

It looks like things are devolving quickly over there, when sysops are not only censoring posters but seem to be threatening them as well.

-- Tarzan the Ape Man (, August 10, 2000


Did they ever have an "it" to lose?

Sorry, couldn't resist. :)

-- Buddy (, August 10, 2000.


The folks over there have a different value system. I don't feel qualified to judge them [since I don't understand their value system]. They do what they do and I don't pay that much attention. With the number of sites on the web, this must occur all of the time. A&L feel that they are software experts and feel that they can throw their weight around. I really don't care [for me]. I think that the Republic will survive EZboard. Thanks for the link.

Best wishes,,,

-- Z1X4Y7 (, August 10, 2000.

I followed another thread on EZBOARD. I suspect it was the one Dennis Olson started on whether that forum was turning into another Uncensored Spinoff. I read the first response from A&L, read the next one, read the next one, and asked the same question you just did.

Until I see more, I'm going to suggest that this is something that could happen to good people when all they see and all they hear is negative.

-- Anita (, August 10, 2000.

Ethereal? Yes Ape Man, those two are somewhat vaporous but there is a demonic twist to those Cascadians. You need only to browse through the old TB2000 archives to see what I mean.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 10, 2000.


What you really want to know is if we are two guys, two gals or one of each.

-- (cascadians@you'll.neverknow), August 10, 2000.

Or none of the above.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 10, 2000.

Someone here recently referred to Sleazy Board as being like a conversation with a neighbor over a back fence. Funny, but I've never had a neighbor even joke about putting me into a woodchipper.

-- Tarzan the Ape Man (, August 10, 2000.

How many people have left that board lately? Three, four in the last couple of weeks?

It's ironic that they can tolerate all sort of bizarre conspiracy theories from crop circles to cold-blooded reptilian aliens in leadership positions, but they draw the line at being the subject of conspiracy theories.

-- Alice in Wonder Bra (alice@wonder.bra), August 10, 2000.

Looks to me like a joke. Not the very best of, but still a joke. No better or worse than some of the dumb shit that gets posted on this forum.

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), August 10, 2000.

This is an old debunky type thread at it's best. Nothing better to do than gossip about what you think you saw over the neighbor's fence.

-- Carlos (, August 11, 2000.

Ashton and Leska started that EZBoard thread by posting an AP news article with the title "Man Allegedly Tried Kill Girlfriend in Woodchipper, Kills Self." They titled the thread "True Love NOT."

Did I miss something? I don't think they were condoning the insertion of people into woodchippers. In their next message on that thread, they said this... topic&index=16

Subject: Re: [TCH-Othr] True Love NOT

Posted By: Cascadians (Registered User)

Posted At: 8/10/00 7:50:36 pm

From IP:

There is absolutely zero threat of personal physical violence. This was an outrageous article published by the Associated Press. It is *so* bad as to join the long list of Believe-It-Or-Not Atrocities Perpetrated On Planet Zoo. Similar to the Darwin awards. Outrageous articles give rise to dark humor, and a lesson in NOT being too gullible. NOT being too credulous is a survival skill.

We are sorry that *anybody* took this seriously. It is so far out there as to overload the reasoning circuits and become macabre-funny.

Since certain ppl have, um, taken it totally the wrong way, we will curb our overloaded sense of humor

Reminder: don't believe everything you see in cyberspace.

The whole point was a spoof on taking every little thing toooooo personally, tooooo seriously, being toooooo gullible and credulous.

Amazingly, those very points were lost in the defects they were meant to jokingly highlight ...

Unless there's more to this than meets the eye, it seems many on this TB2K thread did not even bother reading the thread there, instead automatically taking Tarzan's interpretation of Ashton and Leska's thread as fact.

-- Be (slow@to.judge), August 11, 2000.

Did I miss something?

Yes. They originally began the thread with:

some bright new ideas of what to do with Forumites who continue to accuse the administrators of evil deeds.

Then they edited the post to remove that sentence.

-- (hmm@hmm.hmm), August 11, 2000.

'The Cascadians', Leska and Ashton are a long time married couple in Washington state mountains who are both Registered Nurses. They work as hospice caregivers, and nurse terminally ill people to the end.

-- richard (, August 11, 2000.

I wouldn't have taken an interest in it at all except that the attack on this poor dips**t Molly have been so unprovoked and out of left field. It seems like they want to chase new people off from their board. Strange.

-- Tarzan the Ape Man (, August 11, 2000.

Is Patrick a sysop on EZ-board?

-- ima (imajusta@wonderin.yaknow), August 11, 2000.

The key element of this story is the missing sentence referenced above. As soon as the Cascadian loonies catch some heat over that, POOF it disappears. Business as usual. These two have spent a good deal of the last few years interacting with the terminally ill. Unfortunately, this has resulted in separating them from the reality of the living. Very strange people on the surface, but then Ive not seen them in person. For that I am grateful.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 11, 2000.


'The Cascadians', Leska and Ashton are a long time married couple in Washington state mountains who are both Registered Nurses. They work as hospice caregivers, and nurse terminally ill people to the end.

You must be thinking of Portland, Washington. You know where the Wilamette flows into the Columbia. You have brought down the wrath of everyone in Oregon. :^)

Brian will get you.

Best wishes,,,


-- Z1X4Y7 (, August 11, 2000.

"Is Patrick a sysop on EZ-board?"

.....No, he isn't...

-- Patrick (, August 11, 2000.

Ra & others,

You just crack me up! What a jem of a thread.

-- Living in Ireland now (, August 11, 2000.


'In order to lose something, one must first posess it.'

Nuff Said!

-- Two Headed Death Lovers (were/are@very.freakish), August 12, 2000.

>> 'The Cascadians', Leska and Ashton are a long time married couple in Washington state ... You have brought down the wrath of everyone in Oregon. :^) [...] Brian will get you. <<


-- Brian McLaughlin (, August 14, 2000.

Cascadia is a town in Oregon situated under the slopes of the Cascade Mountain Range, which runs all the way up into Washington. They don't live in Portland Oregon, or Portland Washington. Idiots.

-- (Z,Mr.Know-it-all@travelling.idiot), August 14, 2000.

Richard, I believe you are incorrect when you say that A&L are RNs. Like most caregivers throughout the country, they are not required to have ANY formal training or license to operate. This is not said to demean only to inform.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 15, 2000.

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