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Should I dig up my rosemary plant and bring it in for the winter, or is rosemary winter hardy in southeast Missouri? I think we are in zone 6.

-- Mona Seabaugh (, August 10, 2000


I am in Michigan, and have had rosemary overwinter without any special attention.

-- Shannon (Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary) (, August 10, 2000.

Hi Mona, I live in zone 6b-zone 7 and have Rosemary that stays outside all winter. One reason I think mine does alright is, It's planted on a south facing slope in sandy soil. I've heard that it's the roots staying soggy that really hurts it. I think if you have it in a place where it's really happy it should be o.k. Of course, you never know how bad the winters are going to be! (Geesh, I sound like a politician!) Anyhow, good luck in whichever way you go!

-- Annie (, August 10, 2000.

We live in Indiana, and the first year that we had our rosemary plant, it overwintered just fine. I had heard that last winter was supposed to be a hard one, so I took the plant in, as per the instructions in all the herb books. BAD mistake. The thing just wilted and died, and I consider myself a bit of a green thumb with my house plants;O) !!! This year, the replacement plant is staying put, maybe getting mulched w/ straw. Of course, we have had several warmer than usual winters, though--even last year's was mild.

-- Leann Banta (, August 10, 2000.

Thanks for the good advice. I have 2 plants, so maybe I will try mulching one and taking the other one inside. My lavender lived outside last year, so maybe the rosemary will too. Mona

-- Mona Seabaugh (, August 10, 2000.

Salem & Arp varities are more winter hardy. I live in warm zone 6 and could not get common varities to overwinter. So, Bring inside, but let it take some light frosts before you do to set some dormancy. Keep in cooler room or even a cold frame.

-- sharon tepsick (, August 11, 2000.

if you only have one plant why not divide it and put half in the house and leave half outside then you might have an idea of how it does. i might suggest if your winter this year is not the normal then you might want to try it again next year too. gail

-- gail missouri ozarks (, August 11, 2000.

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