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One of the fellows I hang out with at our local flea market pointed out the fact that you always see a slew of cucumber early in the growing season ( sometimes I'm afraid of being runoff at gunpoint with a sack of em), however, in the fall , tyhe markets here in N. AL are usually getting 50 cent to 79 a piece for them. Cucumbers here grow well, planted no later than august 15 or abouts and when they start bearing, patrons at the fleamarket gladly buy them at 3 or 4 for a dollar. Duke told me he did this last year and he is trying it again.. He did tell me to keep the patch small and manageable, so that tarps can be thrown in the event of light frost.

-- Jay Blair (, August 09, 2000


Also sounds like a good opportunity for someone with greenhouse.

-- Ken S. (, August 10, 2000.

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