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I've been way too busy (and way too poor) to go see Coyote Ugly yet, which actually doesn't bother me because it's not really high on my list of must-see things right now (I think I'd rather hole up at Mike's and watch Family Guy on tape, to be honest).

Besides, I've heard nothing good about this movie yet. At all. Not even from hormonal teenage boys, so that should tell you something.

If you've seen Coyote Ugly and you liked it, convince me to go see it. If you haven't seen it, um... let's talk about sandwiches.

-- wendy (, August 09, 2000


Turkey, on Rye bread, with mustard. Plz.

-- John Wishbone (, August 10, 2000.

Dark rye? Yum.

I'm leaning more towards roast beef and provolone with a wee skoch of mustard, on wheat. My sandwich tastes are pedestrian.

-- wendy (, August 10, 2000.

Not Dogs, baby. Ketchup and bread. The staple food of any up and coming director.

-- Michael Fitts (, August 15, 2000.

Okay, well, roast beef and provolone is the staple of any up-and- coming young whipping boy gofer who still lives at home. : )

-- wendy (, August 15, 2000.

BLT sandwiches.

-- Frank J. Merritt (, February 25, 2001.

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