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Reports are flooding in everyday of new cases of Idawanna Syndrome. Are you a victim? What triggers your symptoms (i.e. lethargy, apathy, general boredom)?

We can only hope to defeat this chronic ailment by talking about it and supporting one another.

Share your stories here.

-- Lisa (, August 09, 2000


See, the problem with this forum topic is that those of us currently suffering a flare-up of Idawanna are going to be prevented from answering, and therefore from getting the help we so richly need. It was indeed an enormous effort for me to overcome the crippling effects of Idawanna to post this here myself.

Having said that, I find that the best way to overcome a surge of IS is to put myself into a situation which aggravates it.

"It's time to do the dishes." "But Idawanna..." "Well, if I'm going to put off the dishes, then I really have to weed the garden." "Oh. Where's the detergent?"

-- Liz Brooks (, August 10, 2000.

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