Pulling T-max 400 to 200 ISO

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I would like to shoot 120mm T-max 400 at 200 ISO to get increased shadow detail. Kodak doesn't offer any development times for this. Is this a bad idea? Is Delta 400 a better choice for pulling?

(I had planned to use T-max Developer.)

-- Kate Hudec (hudec@rcn.com), August 09, 2000


Hi Kate, to be honest, I don't think TMY at 200 is much of a pull, since the rating on it is usually just a little higher than that for me, about 1/3 stop. I would suggest developing it like normal, with a slightly (maybe 10-15%) reduced time, and meter as always. You will probably get a nice, full-Zoned negative with that, assuming the light is normal.

As for 'true' pulling, Tri-X does this well. I've also shot Delta 400 at 100 by mistake, realized it while developing, and got acceptable results, fwiw. :-)

-- shawn (shawngibson_prophoto@yahoo.com), August 09, 2000.

Manufacturer's exposure and development figures are just suggested starting points. Adjust your exposure to the minimum needed to get the shadow detail you want. Adjust your development time to get the contrast that you want. That's not pulling, it's finding correct exposure and development.

-- Tim Brown (brownt@flash.net), August 09, 2000.

I always shoot TMY at 200. I typically use HC110 to develop it. You could probably just take your normal ISO 400 time and chop about 1/4 off and be really close for the extra stop of exposure.

-- E.L. (elperdido65@hotmail.com), August 09, 2000.

hi I am no a pro in the zone systeme but can say one thing pulling also helps to reduce grain formations to some extent. If you have no reservations regarding shutter speeds to be used, u can pulll Tmax100 to 25 asa and get really well detailed neg evevn of a little comtrasty situation. I have been doing tist for quite some time now developer= D76 1:3 at 24degrees, for 5 minutes actually the pulling and pushing timings could be calculated to so extent by adding or reducing the original timings by 30% per stop

Thats what I know it might not be THE WAY to do it;) thanks shreepad

-- shreepad (middlegray@hotmail.com), August 13, 2000.

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