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Heres the situation, on the brink of repossession, intend to sell property & hopefully clear existing mortgage of #50 000 plus arrears of #7000. Mother in Law wants to sell us her home for #25 000. This property has been surveyed and valued at #42 000, other houses of that type in that area selling for #48 000 as they are all double glazed with gas central heating. Our credit record over the last 3yrs very poor although no CCJS That we are aware of. Would apply for Mortgage of 25 000 to 35 000 but fear refusal and more stress.Are we clutching at straws here and being unrealistic, can anyone advise.

Desperate for feedback.

-- catherine hendry (reception@searoute.demon.co.uk), August 09, 2000


For further help and advice see our website at jwmortgagesolutions.com.

-- Sarah White (sarahwhite@jwmortgagesolutions.com), August 09, 2000.

We have been in a similar position and went through a broker in Bristol who secured us a mortgage with the Principality Building Society - try them we had defaults on our account and still got a #99K mortgage. Best of luck

-- Daisy (lsadja@netscapeonline.co.uk), August 11, 2000.

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