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I have always wondered since I saw him on TV if William is gay. I mean it is no secret about straight people, they celebrate their lives. How come if you mention the word 'gay' all of a sudden people are like "SHUT UP! That is private bedroom preference and is no ones business"? What the hell? I thought sexual orientation was just a fact of life like being short or practicing the Jewish lifestyle. Nobody says "sshhhhh, that is private" about that. Why can't we talk openly about gay people? Someone's orientation was never private until gay people started coming out of the closet, then all of a sudden straight people (who talk about love and relationships 24/7) are all of a sudden "shut up! that's nasty". Anyways, does Bill have a long term boyfriend right now or what? Thanks

-- Jason Ridgedale (, August 09, 2000


Gay Insults

Totally agree with you!

-- nick simmons (, August 09, 2000.

Your postr

Hey HE IS NOT GAY... qwell according to him atleast.

-- Vanessa (, August 10, 2000.

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