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Sort of funny, cin, but you didn't answer the question. Let's try again. To get you started, I'm including some information for you. Here are countries that allow abortions without restriction to reason:

Albania Armenia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Bosnia-Herzegovina Bulgaria Cambodia Canada Cape Verde China Croatia Cuba Czech Rep. Denmark Estonia France Georgia Germany Greece Guyana Hungary Italy Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Latvia Lithuania Macedonia Moldova Mongolia Netherlands N. Korea Norway Romania Russian Fed. Singapore Slovak Rep. Slovenia South Africa Sweden Tajikistan Tunisia Turkey Turkmenistan Ukraine United States Uzbekistan Vietnam Yugoslavia(F.R.)

Here are countries that allow abortion on socioeconomic grounds or to save the woman's life, physical health and mental health:

Australia Barbados Belize Cyprus Fiji Finland Iceland India Japan Luxembourg Saint Vincent & Grenadines Taiwan United Kingdom Zambia

And here are countries that allow abortion for mental health, to save a woman's life, or for physical health:

Algeria Bahrain Botswana Gambia Ghana Israel Jamaica Liberia Malaysia Namibia Nauru New Zealand Portugal Saint Kitts & Navis Samoa Seychelles Sierra Leone Spain Switzerland Trinidad & Tobago

So let us know, cin, why your position is superior to legal status of these states that allow abortion. Remember, we want to know logically why your position makes more sense than the judicial and governing bodies of all these nations.

Looking forward to your reply,

-- jj (j@j.com), August 09, 2000

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