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my mv agusta doesn't run proper. It is now back for 600 mile service and i must mis it now for 5 days,snif. It is not running good at about 4000 rpm,it look likes it run on 2 or 3 cilinders.When i run at 5000 rpm it seems to me it is oke. they can't find how it comes,but the think on a computer error. Anybody with the same experience or other failures? Greetings, Ben

BTW how high may i revvid after the 600 miles service?

-- Ben Profijt (, August 08, 2000


Bike has 1300 miles. And oil is leaking!!! I have not lost much liquid, but I'll be taking her in for a check up.

-- mod (, August 09, 2000.

Shit,bike will be sent back to cagiva benelux,just now i have vacation. The dealer don't no what is the problem,everything is checkt and still not good running.

-- Ben Profijt (, August 12, 2000.

I'm sorry to heard about that.

I'd recommend putting some pressure on the dealer (or Caviga) for some compensation whether it be covering your monthly payments while you do not have the bike or a replacement bike (although that my be wishful thinking).

-- Allan Gibbs from Phoenix (, August 13, 2000.

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