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Hello, I am trying to implement Full Text Searching on a database which resides on NT Server 4.0 (standard). I have created catalogs and indexes on my db and with Northwind. No errors occur. However after populating their is no data in the catalog and querys return no rows.

I have followed instructions from two books: SQL Server 7.0 Database Implementation (Microsoft Press) ; Professional SQL Server 7.0 Programming (Wrox press); searched Premier support, MSDN and Technet.

-SQL Server is running SP2

-The Microsoft Search Service is running under the local Administrator account.

-I am db_owner of both databases.

these are the steps I take using stored procedures ( I get the same result using Enterprise Manager)

exec sp_fulltext_catalog 'NorthWind2', 'create', 'c:\mssql7\ftdata\' select * from sysfulltextcatalogs

exec sp_fulltext_table 'Employees', 'create', 'NorthWind2', 'PK_Employees' exec sp_fulltext_column 'Employees', 'Notes', 'add' exec sp_fulltext_column 'Employees', 'Title', 'add' exec sp_fulltext_table 'Employees', 'activate'

exec sp_fulltext_catalog 'NorthWind2', 'start_full'

select FirstName, LastName, Notes from Employees where contains (Notes, 'BA')

Result: no errors, zero row result set. NT event viewer has no errors, SQL log has no messages.

I hope I can get some hints as to what may be wrong.

Thank you

Paul Tribe

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2000


I am answering my own question. After much research I determined that the Microsoft Search Service account was screwed up. I decided to reinstall the Full Text Search component. Thanks to the lack of flexibility in Microsofts SQL Server 7.0 install/uninstall program, I actually had to uninstall and reinstall the whole SQL Server and service pack. However after a morning of reconfiguration, the Full Text Service is working.

-- Anonymous, August 09, 2000

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