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This article was in the Aug. 8th issue of USA Today (the newspaper, not the online version.) It mostly talked about how John Wells is managing his 3 TV shows this year. It also had some info about ER for next season. The article is in the Life section, page 5D.

"... Over at the ER, Well's new top lieutenants - Jack Orman and Neal Baer, who replace Lydia Woodward - will turn up the heat with another early season star turn, along the lines of last season's Alzheimer's patient Alan Alda, to drum up interest. A name actress will play the mother of Maura Tierney's med student Abby Lockhart.

Early on, Carter discovers his drug addiction and begins the season in rehab, blaming his troubles on his injury. Goran Visnjic's Luka Kovac will develop a 'major romance' with one of the current cast members. And the relationship between Drs. Green and Corday will evolve."

The article also talked about how Wells wanted to change the focus on Third Watch from action to more character-oriented storylines and he said they would do a story "whether it takes a day to follow it or three months." And I'm hoping they do the same thing for ER! It seems like they have done that over the last half of Season 6, but I hope it gets better. Anyway, this sounds like interesting stuff. I wonder who Luka's major romance will be with?

-- Melanie (, August 08, 2000


Did Lydia Woodward leave "ER"? Notice thay said nothing about the rumor of Carter and Kerry so I think we can all relax now. At least Carter's getting help. I'm not sure if his injury is the only reason for his drug problem. Remember the speech he gave Mark in "May Day"? He said something like that the ER isn't the easiest work environment and he said he feels partly responsible for Lucy's death. Okay, should we take guesses as to who Luka will date? I guess Abby. I think they would be good for each other. That's JMO though. The Star magazine was wrong about Mark and Elizabeth according to this latest article. I never did trust that tabloid to begin with.

-- Cammie (, August 08, 2000.

never trust the star when it comes to relationships.....the usa today is a more reliable what do you suppose they mean mark and liz's relationship will evolve?? will they move in together? something more serious?

-- rachel (, August 08, 2000.

A named actress to play Abby's mom - now that's interesting! I hope Luka's love interest will be Kerry. Carter may be partly right for blaming his drug addiction on his injuries, but I still think he will have to come to terms with "the accident" and Lucy's death. I haven't heard anything about Lydia Woodward leaving but I'm so glad Jack Orman is staying! Several of his episodes are among my favorites.

-- anne (, August 08, 2000.

I read the article and in the very beginning it said that Regis has said that he saved ABC. Then it said could the same be said about John Wells and NBC? My answer is yes! John Wells has saved NBC in my opinion.

-- Cammie (, August 08, 2000.

I really think and *hope* that Luka's romance is with Kerry. I see Abby as a "temporary" character. I mean, she wants to be in OB, so she would not even do her internship in the Er, techincally, right? So I think that Kerry would be the better choice. (Not to mention I like Kerry better and I think that she and Luka would really be great together.)

-- Rachel (, August 08, 2000.

I would not rule out anything the Star said right now.They have been known to be correct or partially correct more times than they have been wrong. Usa today does not tend to give very many spoilers on Er. So, just becaiuse they don't mention something , it does not mean it won't happen. USA Today tends to only give a few tid bit here and there. Despite it's mixed track record, the Star tends to give out many more possible spoilers. I take any spoilers with a grain of salt, but I don't automatically discount them because they have right many times.They did say that Luka would get involved with Chen. Chen could very well be the person USA Today was referring to. The Star also mentioned that Abby would be involved in major storylines this season. It sure sounds like Abby is going to have major storylines from what USA today said. While I think Mark/Elizabeth may get closer when the season begins, I still see them breaking up later on down the road. I could see them pairing up Luka with Abby, Chen , and possiblr Chuny. I do mot want to see him with Kerry. I still have some hope that Carter/Kerry will eventually get together though Carter needs to recover more.

-- Cathy (, August 08, 2000.

Lydia Woodward announced her intention to leave a year ago. Season six was her last with the show. I was just talking with someone the other day about the likelihood that Baer and/or Orman would be the ones to move up the ladder.

-- Philip (, August 08, 2000.

I am pleased that both Orman and Baer have gotten a promotion. Both men have written some trully superb episodes. It is a rare occurence for either one to write a dud. Orman is very good and combining character development with medical action. Orman has written some great episodes this past season such as "Great Expectations" , "All in the Family", and "May Day". I hope both men will continue writing three or four episodes a year.

I personally don't think Luka should get a romance this season. I think they should concentrate more on developing friendships on ER. If they must pair Luka up with a cast member, let it be with either Chen, Abby, or one the nurses or paramedics. I just don't want it to be with my favorite female, Kerry. She deserves better than to be rebound material. I have waited a long time to see her in a relationship . I just don't think Kerry/Luka would make a good couple. I hope Luka gets involved with someone else. I'm all for Carter/Kerry pairing, but I can wait until Carter has recovered and he has finished his residency at the end of the season, not that it is against the rules. It seems like Abby is going to get major storylines this season like the Star predicted. I hope it is not all gloom and doom for Abby. I would like to see her smile some. They really did not tell us anything we did not know about carter. I'm sure there are other variables that affected Carter beside his actual injuries. At least that was how it was portrayed at the end of last season.

-- Brenda (, August 08, 2000.

I do wonder what it meant about Mark and Elizabeth's relationship "evolving." That just means change or grow, but in what way? Do you think they will get married? I hope they don't break up b/c I like them together. But you hardly ever see couples on TV shows get married, especially on shows like ER where you have actors that come and go and one or both of the actors may not stay on there forever.

I don't know why the ER people think they have to add another guest star to "drum up interest." Don't they think we can be interested in the regular characters that are already on there? I enjoyed Alan Alda's whole storyline last year, but I wish they would focus more on developing the regular characters. Anyway, I bet she (Abby's mom) will be on in November sweeps, like Alan was last year.

I also wish that Carter's guilt about Lucy's death would be dealt with. Because you know he felt it, but he was just covering it up and not dealing with it. At first I thought maybe Luka would hook up with an outsider, someone who does not work at the hospital. But we haven't heard anything about a new cast member, other than Frank the desk clerk. I think it may be Abby. But it may not even come along until later in the season.

-- Melanie (, August 09, 2000.

I'm sorry, I like Kerry too, but I cannot picture her with anyone currently on ER. I liked the episode where her gentleman friend showed up and stunned everyone and I think she deserves some romance but she does not belong with anyone currently on that show. I see her as more a mother figure to Carter rather than a romantic interest. Oh well, JMO.

-- Denise (, August 10, 2000.

Laura Innes is such a diverse actress though I think I could see her character, Kerry, have a few surprises up her sleeve. Remember LI was Bunny in WINGS...and Bunny was a nymphomaniac!

-- Diana (, August 10, 2000.

Laura Innes is a great actress. She has the acting range to take Kerry's character anywhere the show wants her to believably. Kerry is probably the most multtidimensional character on ER. I just watched her kitchen scene in "Double Blind" last night on TNT. It was such a great scene. The chemistry between Noah and Laura was great . Carter was so inept in the kitchen. Kerry did not seem to mind at all. Carter did not seem to mind at all when Kerry was having Carter try different things to see if there was something in the kitchen he could do. They had a lot of lighthearted banter. Kerry even made a joke to Carter about his lack of kitchen skills and he laughed. That was one of my favorite scene for season five. Both characters were comfortable with each other and seemed to enjoy each others company. I hope we see more bantor/interaction between Carter/Kerry next season. If later on this season or in future seasons, they should get together, I would happy. I want at the minimum for them to be good friends. Most likly , they won't pair Kerry with anyone except for an ocasional relationship with someone outside the hospital. I liked Kerry with Ellis. So, I had no problem with them doing that.

-- Deb (, August 11, 2000.

I saw that too. I loved Kerri's line to Carter- "Don't quit your day job Carter." It was so funny.

-- Cammie (, August 11, 2000.

I agree with Denise wholeheartedly! I've come to see Kerry as the "mother" of the ER and seeing her romantically involved with Carter or anyone else in the department for that matter seems almost perverse. JMO

-- Anja (, August 11, 2000.

I think that season 7 is going wonderfully! The chemistry between Abby abd Luka is magnificent. They are such a cute couple and I hope the show develops that relationship a whole lot more. As for Carter I am so glad he is out of re-hab. I honestly believe that either he or Maluchi is the father of Chen's baby. Carter and Chen would make a good couple and Carter really needs someone to be there for him right now while he is still getting over being stabbed. Chen is so cute as a pregnant woman and I hope her and Carter get together. As for Maluchi he brings soooooo much humor to the show. I love his one liners! I am sooo happy that Mark and Elizabeth are ingaged and I hope they get married soon! Awe a baby that will be too cute. As for Kerri I definately dis-agree Carter and Kerri or Luka and Kerri ---NO WAY!!!!! Luka and Carter are way too sweet to be paired up with someone mean like Kerri. I do hope that Kerri does find romance this season. As for Cleo and Peter he needs to dump her. She has such an attitude I can't stand it. Romano ha nothing has to be said for him except arrogant little annoying prick!! Last as for Abby and Luka they are my new favorite characters. Luka is soooo HOT!! I love them sooooo much they are great together and hope they continue going out. Just to confirm it though Doug and Carol are my ultimate favorite couple no one can EVER replace them ....EVER!!!!! They rule!!

-- Debbie Alpha (, November 10, 2000.

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