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I just cannot stand the flies on my two cows. They hate to be sprayed & the spraying doesn't last long anyway, so I'm thinking of using those neon-orange insecticide ear tags. Do any of you have experience with these? I don't want to go to all the trouble of putting them on if they're useless. These are 2 year-old pet cows (steers) that will not be for meat, so I'm not worried about how the stuff will affect them that way. I just want to give them some relief from these insects!

-- Shannon (Grateful Acres Animal Sanctuary) (, August 08, 2000


The do not provide total fly relief since flies will still want to get at any seepage from the eyes. However, I haven't had a single case of pinkeye since I started using them. You will need to find some method of restraint to install them. I get mine from Jeffers.

-- Ken S. (, August 08, 2000.

They work for a season but you will have to replace them every year.

-- Hendo (OR) (, August 08, 2000.

We have seen good success using the citronella wrist bands they make for people. Just fasten one on each side of the halter.

-- Connie (, August 09, 2000.

Yes the fly tags do work, some better than others. Its best to rotate thru the different types of insecticide from year to year, as the flys will build a tolerance. You should hook up with another farmer in your area to share the cost of a bag of tags and an applicator (tags usually come in bags of 20). I have not had much luck saving leftovers to the next year. Rob

-- Rob Shipe (, August 09, 2000.

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