Rain Cover for GL-1? Anyone tried one yet?

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In the light of a new monsoon season this July/August in the DC area - thank you El Nino/El Nina - I have thought about buying a rainhood for my GL-1. I think Kata just came out with one. Has anyone bought one yet? I worry though about the potential for locking humidity IN under this cover and as we all know moisture is the death of any videotape format when the tape sticks to the drum. With stills cameras either I didn't worry about a tad bit of moisture or encased my cameras in jumbo ziploc bags and cut holes for the lens.

-- Mike Bruchas (jmbruchas@juno.com), August 07, 2000


Wow... I thought I was the only one who used Ziploc bags to keep my camera dry. Good to know I'm not alone.

-- Bernadette (cyberjournalist@hotmail.com), August 08, 2000.

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