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I'd like to get feedback on the following Site: http://lakestreetusa.walkerart.org

Technically, I believe I've already been ripped to shreds by some but I'm looking to see if this is a unique web site - content, context, and presentation.

Ken O.

-- Ken Okumura (okumura@mindspring.com), August 07, 2000


Too much of everything!

-- Riad Traboulsi (trab@wanadoo.fr), August 07, 2000.

I regret to note that my negative(a little hasty perhaps)response has been the only one made so far on this interesting site. It is worth visiting, and has much to offer. I don't understand where and when Ken has "been ripped to shreds by some".

-- Riad Traboulsi (trab@wanadoo.fr), August 10, 2000.

There are over 600 photographs on the Site. Traditionally, as a site featuring one photographer, having 600 photos really goes against having only your best work posted. It's really a public art photo exhibition so the context is different, so Riad's initial post is understandable. As far as tech blah blah blah, the site was created for NN3+ & IE4+ and uses A LOT of Javascript and frames. Not usually recommended for fast downloads and Javascript is buggy.

Ken O.

-- Ken Okumura (okumura@mindspring.com), August 10, 2000.


Like the previous poster, I was a little overwhelmed by the site at first, but now that I'm used to the navigation tools it's great. I've walked up and down Lake Street several times since the first photos were hung in early July and lately I've been using the site to plan my walks. No slight intended, but I don't think any website could completely capture the experience of taking in the entire exhibit on foot: the interactions on the street, finding a photo I'd missed the time before, seeing a person in one of the photos walk by ... etc. All "art" should be so cool.

Sean Felhofer, South MPLS

-- sean felhofer (aricblair101@earthlink.net), August 11, 2000.

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