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Question for anyone who has worked for the UN

I am a freelance photographer based in Central Asia. I'm negotiating a contract with a local UN office for a 7 day documentary shoot. I eventually accepted a $200 day rate. Throughout I had maintained that I would include 1 time rights, but when it came time to sign the contract, they expected exclusive rights to first picks, in perpetuity, at no extra charge.

My questions: 1) can anyone who has worked for the UN tell me what rates you charged? 2) please advise me what I should charge for exclusive rights per picture, or if I build it into the day rate, what would you charge? 3) Any suggestions as to how to set up the copyright agreement so that they can put the image in their photo stock library but I can keep my rights?

Thanks much, mr

-- Michael Rothbart (, August 07, 2000


idontknow butgod luck i m looking exs rights for inport

-- mornar (, January 30, 2005.

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