minature rose problems

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I have several minature roses that I am very fond of, and really enjoy. This summer they have bloomed profusely, and been very beautiful. Problem is, the leaves have suddenly turned yellow, and have a whitish webbing over the leaves. They are still blooming, but the outer petals of the blooms look dried out and brownish. Does anybody know what this is, and how to make it stop? Preferably without blasting the poor things with a bunch of chemicals.

-- Julie (rjbk@together.net), August 06, 2000


it might be spider mites a spray of water with a little dish soap should solve the problem,some varietys of my roses cant take intense heat and the roses turn brown as soon as it cools off a little the new ones that come out are fine.

-- kathy h (saddlebronc@msn.com), August 07, 2000.

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