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The Adaptec Easy CD Creator software came with my CD burner when I bought it. However, the Direct CD works well but the CD Creator could be be properly installed (don't know why but it hung up my computer when I tried to installed it). Time passed and I have saved a lot of audio (mp3) and video (MPEG1) filed through Direct CD. Now I tried Nero and it workd beautifully well! The problem is that I had uninstalled Direct CD which was mandatory when I installed Nero. Now how can I retrieve my files from Direct CD and burn it to CD/VCD through Nero? The stupid way is to uninstall Nero, then re-install Direct CD, retrieve the files, save in the hard disc, uninstall Direct CD again, then re-install Nero. Any other more efficient ways? How can I make both softwares to live together?

-- chris lee (, August 06, 2000


Go to the Nero web site. In the download area they have a utility that will allow you to keep both on your system. What it does is set up a "dual boot" option for windows so that you can choose on boot up to either have Adaptec's software or Nero's software as the default "packet writing" system. By the way, I've been running BOTH Nero and Adaptec for some time now without problems. It's only the "Direct CD" application which gives Nero fits. Before anyone goes crazy about "lousy Adaptec" it should be pointed out this is not unique to Adaptec's "packet writing" software. At the Nero site you will find other utilities for other manufacturer's packet writing software that "also" do not play nice with Nero. While not exactly "elegant" (having to dual boot your computer) it IS a lot better than the alternative in your case.

For what it's worth, I have them all installed and have the "dual boot" set up to automatically come up with Nero as the default burner. BUT I can use both Nero and Adaptec .. just not Direct CD. If I want to use Direct CD again, I just re-boot and hit F8 and select the dual boot option for Adaptec. In that case Nero is disabled and all is fine. Why? Adaptec's VCD authoring has Menu capabilty, Nero does not. But Nero has SVCD authoring and Adaptec does not. Plus I prefer in the rare instance I need some kind of drag and drop packet writing, to use Adaptec's Direct CD. Good luck ..

-- Rich (, August 06, 2000.

An easier solution is go to task manager and shut down direct CD. Then use Nero and Nero works fine. To restart direct CD, go to the program on start menu and restart direct CD. Easier than rebooting

-- Mr_ Somebody (, August 06, 2000.

A long time ago there were some lengthy discussions about Direct CD and how to "disable it". Shutting it down with task manager was found to not be 100 percent reliable. That is why Nero went through the trouble of supplying those programs. I was doing the "task manager" shut down myself, but found in certain situations all hell would break loose. This could have been because of my complex system setup. But I remember seeing a lot of discussion on this and the general consensus was to use the "Nero recommended" technique. Of course you can try the "task manager" shut down and if it works go for it. Just be warned, Direct CD still has some "hooks" into various areas of your system even though it's been "shut down". Shutting down the program doesn't "reset" the things Direct CD set in your environment when it started. Although the program is no longer running, certain critical environment settings are still in place. They were set that way when you started windows and Direct CD was "initialized". The only way to be 100 percent sure that any settings of Direct CD are NOT going to affect some program is to NOT start windows with Direct CD.

-- Rich (, August 06, 2000.


For me, I un-install DirectCD then install NERO without being much consider about my .cif image file.

After NERO installed, I re-install DirectCD but JUST the DirectCD with no any other Audio/VCD programs from Adaptec since I don't need them (NERO will take over that audio/vcd job) any longer but the DirectCD.

To retrieve my .cif file I use VCDGear, it convert back to .mpg from .cif file it work very good and only 1 minute for 4 minutes .cif file. Having back my .mpg then I can easily burn it with NERO.

But one thing that I'm not sure, whether VCDgear will extract the .mp2 cif file. Because until now I only used VCDgear to extract my .mpg movie file within .cif file.

Anyway, I hope this will work with you.


-- Sunar (, August 08, 2000.

Multi-read CD-ROM drives can read a direct-cd formatted CD-R/CD-RW. I assume you have a CD-ROM drive besides the burner. If it is fairly new CD-ROM drive it should be multi-read. You can try retrieving the files first, then burn with Nero, then do the uninstall/reinstall process. Hope this helps.

-- Romeo (, August 08, 2000.

i'm now writing with easy cd creator and it shows some errors and fedup using it. my friend suggested that this is a good software for writing vcd's so i want to take a try.

-- biju (, April 12, 2002.

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