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one of our hens has suddenly developed very swollen feet and is just sitting around. i've never seen that before. is it just something like a bee sting, or something else? if anyone has any insight, i'd appreciate it... thanks, john

-- john (, August 05, 2000


No guarantees, but something which can cause that appearance is a sort of mite which digs in under the scales, causes irritation, inflammation, and exudation - and probably otherations as well. The exudate pushes the scales out and up, then fills in under them. Mites will infest wooden perches, then ultimately infect other birds. Doesn't happen "suddenly", but can happen as quickly as a fortnight, from unnoticable to as described - easy to overlook at first, then not be looking for the last week.

A treatment is mineral oil. Smothers the mites, softens the crusted skin over the mite-infection. I've heard sump oil, and I'm sure it would work, but I'd be inclined to use diesel fuel instead. I've also heard of warmed vaseline - just warm enough to be liquid, soak feet and legs. Sump oil would be good for painting exposed wood that might be mite infested, but for perches best to go to plastic pipe. Takes them a while to get used to it, but won't become infested with parasites.

-- Don Armstrong (, August 06, 2000.

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