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Okay, so I've done a lot of work on my portal lately, and I'm beginning to realize that I need to organize it better. I'm kind of at a loss for *how*, though. I'm considering capping the number of links at 1000 (I'm in the high 800's now) and then expanding on each of them with a review. I like the way it is now, though - all on one page with nothing but a keyword or three as the link. I've done some preliminary work on breaking it up to smaller, more focused portals, but not all the categories would work for that. I'd love some ideas of where to go with this, especially if you're a librarian or some other person who's trained in organizing information. I'm a rank amateur.

-- Jen Kitchen (, August 05, 2000


Hey Jen!

For the most part I dig the layout of the portal. It allows for easy eye scanning, first vertically through the top level categories, then horizontally through the second level, then vertically again - it's broken out nicely.

I could ramble on about design process (research who your users are, find out how they used the portal, test your design, blah blah blah) but I think you're looking for some quick constructive feedback.

One suggestion: scanning through the top level categories can take a while, especially for the ones further down the page. Perhaps a list of those at the top using in-page anchors would be more efficient?


-- Victor Lombardi (, August 05, 2000.

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