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This is an updating thread for those of us who are interested in meeting in Las Vegas in October. We want to try to organize this event a little more carefully, and get a head count on who may plan to be there. This latest thread is the result of an extensive conversation by those members of this forum who happened to be in Bok's chat Friday evening, Aug. 4.

Because some people have voiced concerns about privacy and security, I am setting up this thread to allow for some discretion. This is ONLY to protect individual privacy, not to try to control who will be there. As a temporary coordinator of this information, I make no judgments as to who on this free-for-all forum should go or not go. You can sort it all out when you get there.

My guess is that the October get-together will contain a good mix of personalities, with positive result.

I will be pulling together information from previous Las Vegas threads and from emails sent to me ... who is interested in going, what the travel needs or solutions may be, etc. I need people to let me know, by email, what their plans are. Your email and its details will remain confidential with me, unless you choose to share it with others and give me permission to do the same. Feel free to post here on this thread, too, as you wish.

From the information gathered, I will be able to share with the larger group how plans are developing, and continue to post those developments on the forum while respecting individual privacy where requested. I also expect to share coordinating information by email with those who choose to participate.

I am aware this could be a thankless task. I appreciate the support of any and all. If there is someone else already doing this, please let me know.

Send your response to

QUESTION: Are you planning to come to Las Vegas the weekend of Oct. 13-15? Please indicate in your email whether you want me to keep your plans confidential including your posting name and/or your email address. Include any other questions or comments you may have about the weekend, and your travel needs. I will keep in touch by email and on the forum, as the weeks progress.


-- Oxy (, August 05, 2000


Thanks, Oxy, for volunteering! If you need any help, please let me know. An e from me will be coming your way shortly.

-- Aunt Bee (, August 05, 2000.

I once went into Bok's to check out the chat and was attacked, clawed and scratched wickedly by AuntBee and Oxy because I wasn't ready to "un-cloak" as they called it. Couple of nasty petty snotty gals there.

How is that for your Vegas welcome-wagon.

-- noway (, August 05, 2000.

And so the fun begins...

-- Oxy (, August 05, 2000.

Ah, thank you noway for providing a perfect example of the need for security as well as privacy. You have made Oxy's point exactly. This is why info should only be available to those who are willing to present themselves in an honest manner.

-- Aunt Bee (, August 05, 2000.

Noway, why the need to remain anonymous at Bok's? Sometimes we initially are anon, but fairly quickly "uncloak" after trying to guess who everyone else is. It's part of the fun. I admit that I suspect one's motives when they stubbornly refuse to uncloak after everyone else has. And, there are always those lurkers who both remain anon and don't join in either. I guess if you are suspicious and/or mean- spirited by nature, it's hard to change. But why not give it a try. You might like it. Most of us are decent people. Igonre those who are not.

-- Anon7 (, August 05, 2000.

Can someone put a link here so that people who want to go to Bok's can? Perhaps more discussion can continue there.

For the record, I respect the right of people to remain anonymous in Bok's. I have learned over time that if I am uncomfortable with specific remarks from an Anon, I will ask for an identity or leave. My apologies for any perceived offense.

I think this issue raises an important point. Privacy IS important; this is why some people choose to remain Anonymous and merely observe in Bok's. In accepting emails regarding Las Vegas, I intend to protect privacy where requested, for both the mean-spirited and the kind-hearted. For this project, my goal is to remain unbiased to a fault.


-- Oxy (, August 05, 2000.

" Link to Bok's

Passowrd = "newt"

-- Linker (, August 05, 2000.

I have been attacked in Bok's chat room too, usually by little old ladies who carry butcher knives.

-- Fotios Astopopoulous (it', August 05, 2000.

You bet I'll be there, I can't wait for this! I'll bring lots of printed copies of some of the really good archives. It'll be a real gas to sit around and howl up a storm about all the stuff that all of you DOOM ZOMBIES said last year! REVENGE!! BWAHAHAHAAAA

-- cpr (, August 05, 2000.

FOCUS the topic is Vegas Roll Call.

Sheesh, is that so darn difficult?

-- Annonymous1 (, August 05, 2000.

Please allow a suggestion. Everyone chip in and hire someone to pretend to be interested in CPRs tired,doofus, game; then everyone can have a good time.......

-- KoFE (your@town.USA), August 05, 2000.

CPR, that's great! We certainly won't run out of toilet paper. We'd best bring our earplugs though. Your planned activities remind me of Bertrand Russell's Hell where he describes the particular fate of orators to be endlessly plying their trade while all the listeners ever hear are dull platitudes. I guess the sounds of slot machines will help us with this. Concerning your endless obcession with persecuting Y2K doomers, were you a Grand Inquisitor in a previous life?

-- Earplugs (Las@Vegas.con), August 05, 2000.

No cloaks allowed. In fact no clothes allowed. Irrelevant to me; if CPR will be there, I'll go to Dallas.

-- (, August 05, 2000.

I am trying to figure out how to sigh without sounding like Diane.

-- Oxy (, August 05, 2000.

Oxy, thank you for picking up the ball and getting it moved down the field - moving the chains, as it were. (Obligatory sports metaphor) Anything I can do to help, please don't hesitate to ask.

Fotios, they were members of the Hell's Grannies. (Obligatory Python reference) Bok's is a public chatroom. Even really old people with attitudes are welcome. (Obligatory Lars/R1 reference)

Hell's Grannies do not actually USE those butcher knives...except on Sunday afternoons during football season when they cook those great spicy hot buffalo wings. BAM! (Obligatory Emeril La Gassi reference)

(Ducking and covering)

-- Bingo1 (, August 05, 2000.

Not that it matters to many of you, but did it occur to you that the post above was NOT by cpr? Has anyone besides me noticed an overabundance (of late) of people posting as OTHER people? It's not that hard to figure out.

Sorry, Oxy; didn't mean to throw this off-topic. Just felt it finally needed to be said.

-- Patricia (, August 05, 2000.

This is the strangest Roll Call thread I've ever been a part of. (Obligatory Groucho Marx reference - paraphrased of course)

Please don't sigh Oxy. Wouldn't be prudent. (Obligatory George Bush Sr. reference)

It'll be easy to spot cpr in LV because...go ahead people...finish the sentence with your most creative snide remark.

And don't forget to e-mail Oxy about your plans to attend the LV gathering. This was her actual reasoning for starting the thread.


-- Bingo1 (, August 05, 2000.

I'm sorry Bingo -- my minds in a million different places. What was that you said?

-- Debra (, August 05, 2000.

LOL, Debra. You'd never use the term scatter-brained to describe me, would you? You would?

-- Bingo1 (, August 05, 2000.

"It'll be easy to spot cpr in LV because...."

he'll be the guy who looks like a mad-dog version of Ted Kazynski with foam coming out of his mouth.

-- (cpr@has.gone.rabid), August 05, 2000.


Excellent point. Sysops, is there a way ro prevent this false posting? It would not compromise our uncensored status to have such protection. I must admit that I thought it was a legit CPR post but one made in jest since I'd be surprised if Charley would want to attend such a gathering.

Obligatory Bingo1 reference--

Bingo, do you realize the handicap under which you live? Being raised in NJ has scarred you for life and even if you become as old and mature as I, you will never overcome the stigma; the emotional scarring. FS, my heart goes out to you also.


Are we of the same generation?

-- Lars (, August 05, 2000.

"It'll be easy to spot cpr in LV because...."

he'll be sporting a white straightjacket, and escorted by two big goons wearing white uniforms. It is required anytime they let him out of the sanitarium.

-- (holiday@from.cuckoos.nest), August 05, 2000.

ar 10:30A fri dep 2:30P sun Put me down to be down!

-- Carlos (, August 05, 2000.

Lars my friend, truer words have never been spoken.

Patricia, I know that wasn't cpr. Just thought I'd take advantge of the name recognition for a little well deserved pot-shooting. And no kids, one cannot take pot intraveneously.

-- Bingo1 (, August 05, 2000.

Lars my good man, it would appear that we are being anointed with elder statesman status here. At 57 I am right where I want to be, regardless if I want to be. Life is good, the weather and area are spectacular, and the fishin is picking up as we speak. I spent almost the entire part of the 60s in the military but sure made up for it in the 70s :>). I will admit to being somewhat confrontational when dealing with fools but I am a person of high humor and blessed with many wonderful friends. As you know, I lived in Broad Ripple from 1951 to 1954 so there is a little Hoosier in me to be sure. Im not keeping score but you and I seem to be aligned on most issues but who cares aye? I am now a soul of this generation and I say to you allgood luck if you can keep up!!

BTW, in his own subtle way, our good friend the Bingo has paid us a compliment. Its not often that mere mortals such as we are addressed by the Emperor of the #9 Parallel Universe, where the air is oh so rare :>). Bingo, on the THC issue, yes you can.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 05, 2000.

I am trying to figure out how to sigh without sounding like Diane.

Oxy (, August 05, 2000

I don't think it's possible for you to sound like Liane. You would first have to edit the posts of those opposing you, then delete them, and the sigh...

Vindicated Regards,
Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (, August 05, 2000.

"It'll be easy to spot cpr in LV because...."

He's a short, stocky, aggressive, salesman-type character. Probably still wears his white shoes & white belt, too!

-- Hacker2 (H2@older.but.wiser), August 05, 2000.

Don't forget the polyester suit and gold chains!

-- (greazy@sleazy.salesman), August 05, 2000.

In a young Michale Jackson voice (I wish!)

I'll be there.....

Barring unforseen coniquences

-- Cherri (, August 05, 2000.

sellchec!spellcheck!spellcheck! Or at least read before posting Cherri!

-- C (s@b.c), August 05, 2000.

**It'll be easy to spot cpr in LV because... He's a short, stocky, aggressive, salesman-type character. Probably still wears his white shoes & white belt, too!**

And don't even THINK of leaving your long-island iced tea on the bar next to him. LOLOL

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 05, 2000.

"It'll be easy to spot cpr in LV because...."

He's a short, stocky, aggressive, salesman-type character. Probably still wears his white shoes & white belt, too!

Now wait just a minute! There are a lot of sleazy looking salesmen type guys in Vegas. It will be easy to spot CPR because he has a fettish for wearing lipstick.

Here is his latest picture from his real-estate brochure...

It shouldn't be too hard to find him!

-- (cpr@handsome.devil), August 05, 2000.

Well, I don't normally visit with the help, but it's obvious you low-life memetic doomers are going to need someone with class amongst you or they'll throw your pitiful doomer souls in jail.

I'm a nice enough guy that I wouldn't want to see that happen even to doomers, so I guess I'll have to make an appearance. I'll chat with my friends in high places and ask them to look the other way.

Since most of the trash on this forum don't read the publications of the elite, you probably haven't seen me yet. Here's my photo...

See you there, but hopefully only long enough to save you from your pitiful selves.

Condescending Regards, Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (, August 05, 2000.


-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 05, 2000.

Heavens me, this primitive forum does not display my font properly! What a suprise. It better work this time or Greenspun will have to go back to school. Well, I don't normally visit with the help, but it's obvious you low-life memetic doomers are going to need someone with class amongst you or they'll throw your pitiful doomer souls in jail.

I'm a nice enough guy that I wouldn't want to see that happen even to doomers, so I guess I'll have to make an appearance. I'll chat with my friends in high places and ask them to look the other way.

Since most of the trash on this forum don't read the publications of the elite, you probably haven't seen me yet. Here's my photo...

See you there, but hopefully only long enough to save you from your pitiful selves.

Condescending Regards, Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (, August 05, 2000.

I'll be there too!

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 05, 2000.

Me too!

-- Aunt Bee (Aunt, August 05, 2000.

Count me in!!

Hey cin, want to share a room?

-- Carlos (, August 05, 2000.


Hey, how come Carlos gets to be prettier than me. No fair. =)

-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 05, 2000.

Alright, you twerps look like fun... I'm coming!

Gotta warn you though, if I don't like you I'll kick your ass!

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 05, 2000.

My Lord you guys are homely! What the heck is wrong with you people? I'm not so sure I want to go now.

-- Bingo 1 (, August 05, 2000.

And gee, who hates cpr, andy ray, cin and carlos? That would be...


-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 05, 2000.

Come on now Bingo, be nice. The Lord says to love thy neighbor.

Don't worry, you won't be the only good-looking person, I'll be there.

-- Lars (, August 05, 2000.

LOL! Wrong picture cin, that is Deano! I've met Hawk in person, he is a handsome stud.

-- Cindy Crawford (babes@crave.hawk), August 05, 2000.

Man, you dudes are whacked. I ain't going to this shindig, especially if that Creep salesman is there. Think I'll just hang out here and get stoned.

-- (, August 05, 2000.

would, like=to go withyou guys,and meet=the lord in, your souls BUT HE says, it *gambling* is 'thwe workof SATAN

tha nx,but i would rather *play* with my (HIS=everything) ducks

-- al-d (, August 05, 2000.

Yipeeee, I can't wait! We'll party all day and all night! I hear they have a lot of jacuzzis in Vegas too.

sumer... headin towards the jets now with margarita in hand. :)

-- consumer (, August 05, 2000.

I guess I should go in case somebody breaks the slot machines or sumer breaks the jacuzzi. I'm the only one with the technical knowledge to fix it.

-- Cherri (, August 05, 2000.

You wouldn't know how to fix a slot machine if it bit you in the ass. I'm not going because I can't stand listening to you doomers, especially Anita. If you don't win, you'll be blaming it on non-compliant chips in the slot machines! Sheeesh.

-- Maria (, August 05, 2000.

wah. wah. wah. I do not know HTML.

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), August 05, 2000.

Sounds very cool, I'll be there. Only coffee for me though thanks. May the cosmic energy be with us!

-- Future Shock (gray@matter.think), August 05, 2000.

I wouldn't go to Vegas with you tinfoils if it was the last place left on Earth. I hope you die doom zombies! *snicker*

-- Y2K Pro (, August 05, 2000.

Please make Unk?

-- thank you (, August 05, 2000.

Hi there gang! Well, I wasn't planning on going, but you bunch of looney tunes look like quite a party. And most importantly... drinks are free!! I'm THERE!! Yahoooooooo!

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 06, 2000.

Jeeze, the kids come out of the woodwork like weevils in flour at this time of night!

-- Aunt Bee (, August 06, 2000.

I can think of several people whose asses I'm going to kick when I get to Vegas, and I'm going to start with Aunt Bee! Yeeeehaaawww!

-- Mumsie (mean@old.hag), August 06, 2000.


I thought I heard the sound of jacuzzi jets and margarita machines firing up over the distant horizon and damned if I didn't find Sumer headin' that way and lo and behold Unk icing down the cool refreshers,what a day!!!

It looks as if everyone is catching Vegas fever and is expecting a free for all,great to see everybody so full of wind,piss and excitement,the summer must be being good to ya.

Viva Las Vegas!!!

-- capnfun (, August 06, 2000.

That was not posted by me, some dickhead imposter did it.

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 06, 2000.

Party on dudes!!!

-- capnfun (, August 06, 2000.

you didn't do Anita

-- hey (hey@hey.hey), August 06, 2000.

I'm a good mother, so I'm going to stay home and take care of my kids. Gambling is fun as long as you don't gamble away your kids college tuition.

-- Anita (Anita, August 06, 2000.

my real pic (hey nice comb-over)

-- Anita (Anita, August 06, 2000.

LOL! Anita are you going bald? It looks like you got a rug up there on top. Come see us, we'll fix you up.

-- (, August 06, 2000.

Andy Gay looks much cuter when he had a beard...

-- (, August 06, 2000.

Nice teeth FS! Are you a vampire by any chance?

-- Countess Dracula (suckmedry@you.hunk), August 06, 2000.


Wow, what a babe! You look just like the young Ricky Lake. I think I love you or is that a margarita in my pocket?

-- (, August 06, 2000.

Hey Carlos, my pretty white powdered butt is a lot better than cin's, I'll share a room with you! I'll share a room with all of you gorgeous hunks.

-- Ladylogic (horny@psycho.nympho), August 06, 2000.

Yes, ant kicking can be fun,

Do Laura better, Please.

-- sponge (, August 06, 2000.


6:00 am Sunday morning and I'm laughing so hard my dogs are wondering if I'm drinking booze again!

R1 you young buck (do I sound like Lars?), THC is NOT equivalent to marijuana. Nice try though. Thank you for playing. Back to the sea with you, matey. Back I say!

-- Bingo1 (, August 06, 2000.

Where are my glasses?

-- Cherri (, August 06, 2000.

I'm cumming I'm cumming!

I wanna mud see the women wrestle!

-- King of Spain (madrid@aol.cum), August 06, 2000.

My hat is off to the creative artist at work on this thread. How the hell did you get hold of that picture? Wish I had that hair back. Thanks for the great humor.

Bingo me lad, I am some what reluctant to share my knowledge of all things related to controlled substances but this will be for educational purposes only. At one time in a previous life, I had the rig-up to process pure THC from so-so buds and it was the kind. Little dab will do ya!!

What is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is generally accepted to be the principle active component- in marijuana, although other cannabinoids are likely to contribute to the physiological activity of marijuana. Tetrahydrocannabinol is rapidly absorbed by inhalation and the gastrointestinal tract. It is almost completely metabolized. The predominant metabolite is 9-carboxy-11-nor-delta-9-THC, which found in the plasma, feces and urine along with other compounds. Very low concentrations of THC may be detected in urine during the initial several hours, but tetrahydrocannabinol persists

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 06, 2000.

I DID NOT finish ALL the thread....after I saw my so-called pic and my impersonator (BTW, pretty good job, just one problem, I dont know HTML either!!!! dont feel all alone FS)

I DID NOT POST THAT, I havent drank in awhile, been to damn sick to do anything.

For those wondering, that isnt me either, it is my twin....ROFL...

xoxo, sumer

ps to my impersonator: you forgot the xoxo!!!!

-- consumer (, August 06, 2000.

'sumer, that's your evil twin ;-)

Hope you are well; it's good to see you have a wonderful sense of humor.

-- Patricia (, August 06, 2000.

Bravo! AUTEUR, AUTEUR! Whatever person(s) did these pics and verbal caricatures should should stand up so we can cheer. This forum often has me laughing but never this hard.

-- (, August 06, 2000.

Thanks Lars, glad to see that most of you found it humorous. It is of course only a parody, a shallow portrayal of one small part of your forum personalities. After this, I think you may be relieved when you meet each other in real life!

I went looking for an image of Creeper and I struck gold. I started to see many of the people on this forum, and I couldn't resist. The images were compliments of NBC (Conan show), and after having been around this forum for over 2 years, it was easy to add the "verbal charicatures." Hope that you got some laughs, I know I was laughing my butt off the entire time while posting. :-)

-- long time reg undercover (still@being.trolled), August 06, 2000.

^^^^long time under the covers :-) Hawk? LOL...or Capn ? Both perhaps, just kidding....

Whomever you are, you did a nice job.

Pat: thanks for the compliment on my humor. FS, perhaps you & I should go to the HTML playground?

We'll have to watch out for the bullies though like Pat and hmmm and CD!!!! ---see other thread for great laughs....:-))))))

---xoxo, sumer skips off to the playground when better.

-- consumer (, August 06, 2000.

Long-time regular:

I almost didn't log off last night so I wouldn't miss the laugh of the next pic. I was pleased at both pics of me today. I have EYEBROWS in BOTH. I doubt this thread began with the intent of having this kindof fun, but it did my heart good.

-- Anita (, August 06, 2000.


Those pictures are somewhat accurate - I do have eyes, a nose, a mouth, an occassional (attempt at a) beard, but for those who know anything about my origins, they will note at least one descrepancy...

Alas, 'tis funny. Kudos to the doomer who posted it. I haven't laughed this much since Ed Yourdon told that one about blood in the streets of New York, power outages,...well, you all heard that one, didn't you? ;) (And, actually, this is more accurate than Ed ever was...)

Vindicated and Amused Regards,
Andy Ray

-- Andy Ray (, August 06, 2000.

long time reg undercover.

In the spirit of democratic parody, we will all be waiting with great anticipation for YOUR charicature.

-- Ra (tion@l.1), August 06, 2000.

Sumer-Thw wife might have a little problem with us going over to the playground together. LOL

-- FutureShock (gray@matter.think), August 06, 2000.

Long time reg undercover,

You KNOW you can tell me who you are ... I have promised to keep all emailed sources from this thread private, upon request. (Heh. Sorry, all you nosy folks...)

Besides. I want to know if you are coming to Vegas ...

-- Oxy (, August 06, 2000.

What about Gilda? And Flint? Brian, Tarzan and Ken? How will I recognize them in LV if you don't post THEIR pics?

I laughed at all of them. Thanks. I don't know why but Bingo's put me over the edge. [must be that mischievous little smile or that hair-line. I just can't decide.]

-- Debra (, August 06, 2000.

Sumer guessed right the first time! The jerk imposter troll has been using my old name since last week. Here's my pic...

LOL! You don't expect me to embarass myself do you? Go for it! :-)

-- poster of pics (different@each.time), August 06, 2000.

Sorry folks, I've been out refining my shooting for the fall hunt, and brushing up on my riding for the polo games in Britain.

Gambling does not interest me since I am a man of unlimited wealth, but if you care to have a debate in Vegas, I will participate. I am the champion at creating the illusion of winning debates because I contradict anything anyone else says, and then use a very esoteric vocabularly to confuse them.

-- Flint (, August 06, 2000.

Sounds fun guys, but I don't think I should go to Vegas. I really shoudn't leave my gardening for more than one day or my dear creatures will suffer without my tender-loving care.

-- Gilda (, August 06, 2000.

Ceeper pisses me off, Hawk pisses me off, big text pisses me off, Lars pisses me off, everything pisses me off! Think I'd rather stay home and annoy my neighbors cats.

-- Brian McLaughlin (, August 06, 2000.

Brian! You really must calm down. You wouldn't want your face to freeze like that would you?

-- Debra (, August 06, 2000.

I call myself Tarzan because it keeps people from attacking me when I'm on the Internet. The truth is they have been picking on me all my life and the Internet is the only place I can act tough. Hee heee hee, get it? ;-)

-- Tarzan the Ape Man (, August 06, 2000.


Got something in your eye?

-- Debra (, August 06, 2000.

I hear everything that goes on around here and I know all of you very well. I've also been figuring out what your astrology signs are and I bet I can guess almost all of you!

-- Debra (, August 06, 2000.

Damn ears. Give me away every time!

-- Debra (, August 06, 2000.

I am a very practical and conservative fellow. Flint may think he can win debates with his dazzling vocabulary and intimidation, but I can easily defeat him using logic, factual evidence, many years of experience, and my infinitely greater wisdom.

-- Ken Decker (, August 06, 2000.

Hey Hawk's Mom, turn that frown upside down.

-- Uncle Deedah (, August 06, 2000.

The only one posting by the name of Hawk anymore is a troll impostor. Please delete this troll's Mom, it is pornographic and disgusting.

-- concerned (, August 06, 2000.

" is pornographic and disgusting."
I disagree. Looks like a healthy twat to me: no infections, green goo, or metal pins visible. Nothing in those holes, either. What's your problem? Sure hope that you aren't going to be in LV. You sound like a Party Pooper.

-- (, August 06, 2000.

Glad you understand why I can't make it to Vegas. Besides it's disgusting the water they waste, and out there in the middle of the desert too. Are those boobs for real on that bent over lass???

I may be old, but I'm not an old Prude, and I wouldn't use AOL, if I had to hammer this out on a stone tablet.

-- gilda (, August 06, 2000.

I came here to check out the controversy only to find I've been here before. Surprise.

Sorry troll, I'm not a blonde. Care to fix the pic?

-- Tarzan the Ape Man (, August 06, 2000.

***I am the champion at creating the illusion of winning debates***


-- cin (cin@cinn.cin), August 06, 2000.

Christ! what a funny post! Technology for some, is beyond others, unless you explain to us. As my Mother once or more quipped:

-- Ya Can't help being ugly, but (but ya could have, August 06, 2000.

It appears the same pix poster was on most of the thread until Hawk's Mom (please notice the difference in size and quality of the photo). I do believe the original poster only had fun in mind, them being a regular as they stated. However, as threads go, it deteriorated when the "new" anon took over with Hawk's mom. Not the same poster. It does not fit with the spirit of fun prior to Hawk's mom/pix. Please, notice the difference. Subsequent postings of a graphic nature are also unrelated to the original pix poster, if my assumption is correct. Were you not all ROFLMAO up until that point, and waiting for more? Your responses tell me yes.

As for the ugliness, pass it by, as you would anything else you find objectionable. I do believe the originator of all this work only had hilarity in mind. As well as showing us their HTML skills.

Take it in stride and go with the laughter. That is the important part! Ignore the rest.

Be well

-- Aunt Bee (, August 07, 2000.

Teach me to check in more often.

U guys are great.

-- Carlos (, August 08, 2000.

Nobody said this was going to be easy.


-- Oxy (, August 08, 2000.

that's not me=WANNA MAKE A BET!!

-- sal-d. (, August 13, 2000.

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