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We have recently received a shortfall claim from Bristol and Wesr BS. After a few exchanges between us and them i now think it is time we sought some professional advice. Can't afford to engage a lawyer but need some one to one advice. Has any one experienced this and if so is there a directory of lawyers giving this kind of specialist advice. Thanks

-- Kate Soper (, August 04, 2000


Kate, your local Citizens Advice Bureau can explain the green form scheme and legal aid much better than I can - but please bear in mind that the number of those eligible for legal aid is sadly becoming increasingly limited. (Although the corollary of this is a growing acceptance and tolerance - even to point of helpfulness! - by the courts of Litigants In Person - people appearing without benefit of lawyers.) Do remember though that many house contents insurance policies and trade union membership schemes (and even credit cards) provide free legal advice, and some insurance policies and many trade unions will also provide free legal representation in some cases. (And I would read *all* the details on this web site, even if you think they don't apply to you at first.) I note that on a previous posting you say that B&W have provided all the details you asked for. Have you really looked at these closely? Did you get copies of your orginal mortgage contract/deeds, all correspondence, the lender's money order judgement, the statutory instruments of notification, your MIG policy, evidence of proper marketing, accurate and substantiated accounts, etc etc? Or was it just a few receipts for hoovering? What does it all tell you? all best, E.

-- Eleanor Scott (, August 08, 2000.

Legal Aid and the Green Form Scheme actually have not existed since April of this year and have been replaced by the Community Legal Service ( and the Legal Help scheme, which are to some extent the same thing. The CLS website contains a directory of law firms who are on the CLS scheme and there will be one in your area. tells you more about what the CLS and Legal Help schemes are about.

A lot of lawyers will give a "half hour free advice" session regardless of whether or not you use CLS, ask about it when you call.

If you need any more info, let me know.

-- denise (, August 10, 2000.

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